Inspired by the Dirty South, DJ G Spot makes it hot hitting his listeners spot

Inspired By The South, Volume 13 mixtape review
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The Southern states of the USA are definitely a source of inspiration for their reps if only one is willing to listen to them. Rich of a raspy style, characterized by pimping club songs and heavy instrumentals, the South has given birth to a breed of unique artists such as Mystikal and RIP Soulja Slim.
DJ G Spot and B.O.B perfectly know how and where to hit your ear and make you like their tracks.
Whether you translate B.O.B s acronym by Business Over Bitches or Bring One Blunt, the artist has his very special way of telling things. B.O.B gently introduces the mixtape while DJ G Spot s freestyle takes place with dark themes on a soft melody with an amazing verbal dexterity.
Chopper Young City start up in a very offensive style with their rhythmic Swag track. Be ready to get bullied.
Hood Niggaz introduces you into a dark gutter atmosphere in which lyrical skills do matter, though. Gorilla Zoe is spitting some very incisive rhymes. With his gritty and raspy voice, Gorilla Zoe operates in a very surgical manner.
Many tracks will probably raise your interest. Heavy Breather, however, is worth your attention. B.O.B s impressive sense of rhythm will put your breath on hold. Based on a violin and keyboard musical background, the swinging track is all about a sexy girl who takes them dude s breath away. Well done.
Another Spanish flavored Southern influenced B.O.B track is Dinero In The Bank. The well balanced rhythmic track that is enriched with some Spanish vocals mixed up with English will take the listener for a ride into a world that is all about making big chips. Follow the rhythm and let the keyboards and dark bells take you into the world of B.O.B s daily hustle.
334 Mobb takes over with his hostile freestyle entitled Top Back. Built on victorious sounding trumpets and rapid heartbeat alike drums, 334 Mobb will punch them enemies right in the face.
B.O.B, again, is here to rock your world with the rhythmic, euphoric sounding Chiefing Like A Rasta. The rich mixture of instrumentals (alto, violins, keyboards and catchy drum beats), the astute syncope of B.O.B s vocals will ignite the fire and make it burn with a great lyrical passion, devastating the possible surrounding rivals. B.O.B will take you to the highest hill with his killa track.
Globally B.O.B and DJ G Spot s mixtape is a valuable piece of work that should definitely catch your attention. Give it a listen!
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