What's your take on this?

Winston Churchill said: « Courage is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm ».
Despite the apparent negative turn of this sentence, there is an obvious positive hidden message behind it. A precious message that each of us should value.
In fact, we all wish success and most of us hate having a look at our own failures. But we definitely should. In each failure, there is a valuable life lesson to learn. If an individual accepts to learn from his failures, he will go back to the path of life with a renewed and stronger spirit.
Failure is indeed an indicator of what hasn t worked in our strategy.
If we have the humility to put our actions under the microscope, we will soon discover where and how we failed, which will allow us not to renew the same mistakes over and over again.
Those who accept the very meaningful teaching of a failure should not be afraid to fail another time, because despite tremendous efforts and a strong willpower, this might happen again.
No matter how many failures you might face, the trick is not to get discouraged and to quit. Not the people who have failed within one moment are losers, but the ones who quit out of disgust.
That s why we should never lose our enthusiasm. We cannot always prevent difficult situations, but we can face them with the right spirit.
Life can be seen as a wild rodeo, the trick is actually not to fall from the horse!
No matter what you do and how many difficulties you might face, an enthusiastic spirit will save you from many disasters. Don t forget that life in its vulnerability is always enjoyable. You don t wanna be a quitter, do you?
Each failure represents a hidden world of different opportunities to seize. For each closed door, a window will open for you, if you have the right spirit and a good dose of patience.
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