Russian Rap is back with his Murder On My Mind LP

Eddie is a friend of mine and an aspiring rapper I reviewed a few years ago. Of Russian origins, Eddie astutely manages to combine his Russian and West Coast influences. The young emcee, who currently lives in California, has now completed a new LP, entitled Murder On My Mind.
I suggest we travel for a few minutes through Eddie s mind with his brand new song, Me And I.
Light xylophone sounds totally contrast with some dark basslines and keyboard sounds, revealing dark thoughts. The human mind is made of constant contradictions. Sometimes it seems like we are battling with ourselves.
Dealing with tremendous issues, the emcee reveals the conflictual picture that goes through his mind. First monotonous, his reps suddenly light up and will keep up the tough fight of an emcee trying to make it while dissing rival emcees.
The struggle is tough and Eddie is determined to make it in the rap game.
Want to know more about Eddie aka Russian Rap? Visit his my space.
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