Warpath, the catalyst of Elohim

They call him so, because his words act as a powerful accelerator, an insightful message towards the crowd.
Nothin’ Sweet starts with some symphonic instrumentals and a proud conquerror spirit. Warpath is taking over the streets with a wonderful optimistic spirit. Encouraging his brothers caught in the middle of the struggle. You are going to like his avalanche of words that will drop as a large slide of snow in the middle of the mountains.
Lyrical soldier, Warpath will enrole you into his army and make you hungry about winning his battle. With his enthusiasm, his witty winning spirit, his mad flow, Warpath is killing it.
Ring The Alarm is another war track. Get lost into Warpath s world made of soft vocals and well handled instrumentals. Warpath is heading into a gritty merciless fight that will allow the listener to fully appreciate his great lyrical skills.
Trumpets introduce the beautiful soul sounding Experience track that is interrupted with Warpath s audacious reps. Warpath masters flow and contructs astute wordplays.
Energetic, rhythmic, enthusiastic, rich of a positive spirit. Let Warpath guide you into his world of rhyming words.
Ready for the final battle?
Lyricism will take you by surprise, because it starts very softly. But this softness is the silence that precedes a storm. A storm of words that will take you away like dead leaves following the autumn wind. That s the way Warpath does it.
Words spread like bullets from a Smith and Wesson. Be ready to face the lyrical wordsmith in full power.
Destined is a powerful, swinging track. Violin, flute sounds and drum beats work together with the artist s battling spirit.
Discover the destined to greatness Warpath here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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