Catch C-Ron in the hood

C-Ron is a young emcee from Pennsylvania who puts a lot of energy into his passion. C-Ron introduces his listener into a dark, sinister, creepy atmosphere with his Catch Me In The Hood track. Be ready to get the chills while walking with him through the icy streets that are surrounded with dangers of all kind. The Catch Me In The Hood chorus is enhanced with some light keyboard sounds that will create a discrepance with the dark orientated vocal. Pistol whipping, animosities, upcoming beefs, that s the realness of the song s background: be ready for war!
His world is make of insecurities and truly paints the environment of the ghetto. I d advice the listener to lend the track an attentive ear.
Bad Guy is full of lyrical gritiness. An offensive spirit will allow you to step up into C-Ron s world. The song is rhythmic, instrumentally well worked on. However, I do think that C-Ron should work on his voice and make it sound a little bit stronger, in Bad Guy in particular. His voice seems to be the main weakness in Bad Guy, since it doesn t seem to fit with the somber context of the song.
Every Time We Touch is based on soft piano notes and harmonic violin sounds…it describes the emotions that go through lovers heart and brain who feel true love. Anybody who has loved a dear person will feel the artist’s words. Sit back, relax and let your universe be fulfilled with falling hearts…let your thoughts walk to your loved one in an infinite embrace of true feelings. Poetic, intense and well done.
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