Anniversary of Proof s death

April the 11 th, 2007 will mark the anniversary of Deshaun Holton s tragic death at the CCC club.
It s been one year and it sounds like it was yesterday.
Many people think that Proof has just one CD at his active. Little did you know about the amazing D12 artist if you really think so. Not even his mixtapes are representative of Proof’s solo work as a whole. Having been into Proof s solo work for years, some of his tracks are yet to explore for me and maybe also for many other true fans…
In order to honor the incredible artist Proof actually was, I am preparing an article that will reveal you more about his discography.
Proof was extraordinary as an artist, not because he was Eminem s friend. He was extraordinary, because he was a genuine artist with a style of his own (that is very different from his style within D12). He was also remarkable because, over the years and despite fame and touring, he always kept that true spirit of Detroit s hip hop shop inside of him and always worked towards reuniting local Detroit talents.
More strikingly Proof was a man of heart and a down to earth dude.
A whole hip hop community misses you. You were so special, Deshaun Holton and thats why I will dedicate you an upcoming article revealing more about your excellent underground work and dedication to the Detroit scene.
RIP Big Proof. Now that you ve gone, we will keep your memory alive.
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2 thoughts on “Anniversary of Proof s death”

  1. This is so sad…
    He had so much talent and was a wonderful person…it is terrible, his life was ended over an argument… you are missed and will live in our hearts forever Big Proof…

  2. this should never have happened. especially a father and a great artist and a simply wonderful person. God should leave eminem alone too. His life has been too rough even before this.

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