Meet Biggie s spirit

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The March 9 CD offers a compilation of Biggie remixes that will certainly catch a connoisseur s ear.
It is introduced by the well known Renegade theme. Built on nostalgic violin sounds and heartbeats/ machine sounds that suggest a dying man into an operation room, the song will open on Biggie s philosophical reflections on life and death. A bad guy analyzes his life and leaves earth with no regrets, and he consciously steps towards hell- by choice.
No angels, no paradise: a villain is ready to get his reward as the bad man he actually was. This track is a beautiful classic.
Organ sounds, keyboard sounds, drum beats introduce the listener into a dark, psychotic, nightmarish atmosphere during which Biggie reveals his non hidden intentions to use his weapon. He has reached a point of no return: kill or get killed. The villain is ready to die.
Niggaz Bleed has some beautiful, rhythmic sonorities. Bass and violins work together with piano notes in order to suggest a routine and trying times.
The CD has two versions of Dead Wrong to offer, the Stop Schemin and the well known Eminem remix. Both versions are highly enjoyable, as far as I am concerned.
Real Niggaz Do Real Things allies bass and xylophone sounds. Again Biggie introduces us into a creepy gangsta world made of numerous dangers and police car. A ruthless sounding background totally enlightens the track.
What s Beef features skilled artist Mos Def. Let Biggie define the word beef in all its dimensions.
In 10 Crack Commandments based on the Cake theme , Biggie will teach you about the rules a crack dealer usually abides.
Deadly Combination unites Big L, former friends and rivals Tupac and Biggie. Scratches sounds, mandolin and keyboard sounds totally match together and will create an overheated speech ambiance.
From a Young G s perspective is a cool ballad through the hood. The instrumentals strongly suggest an adventurous life in the hood jungle.
Globally the Biggie Smalls is a beautiful tribute that manages to catch the listeners ears. The hopeless, dark, sinister and hardcore dimension that is so typical to Christopher Wallace is totally enhanced by the combination of good artistic features and a good production.
The Who Shot Biggie Smalls track is definitely worth your attention. The artists tornado of words will catch you into its rapid, spiral;
When I look at the way people talk about deceased artists, constantly idolizing them while they didn t really care as long as they were alive, I think that Christopher Wallace is probably right: you’re nobody until somebody kills you.
RIP Christopher Wallace.
Enjoy March 9 that will remind you of Biggie s artistic brilliance.
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  1. I really never listened to his work until Diddy did a remix a few years ago, but i’ll check it out…

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