Tell me why all the fuss about Faye Turner…

As a fair warning, I would like to tell my readers that this subject is most likely to bring up some controversy. Feel free to debate…you don t have to agree with me, but please respect my point of view. Thank you.
A few days ago, a 25 year old British woman was making the headlines of nearly all British media: Faye Turner captured by the Iranian folks, forced to wear a hijab and to write a letter for her government to apologize for entering illegally the Iranian waters.
She was mostly presented as a victim, a young mother torn apart from her little daughter, not feeling well in presence of all those evil Iranians.
Stop…you nearly made me cry with your fabricated sob story…this was sarcasm, of course.
I wish the British government stopped being such hypocrites in their presentation of the facts. More strikingly, Tony Blair appears to be the biggest liar on earth, since it was found out that he even went that far to fabricate a fake map, just to prove that the Iranians were lying about the borders of their waters.
Non content to bring things as far as a big diplomatic incident, Bush also got involved, commenting the hostages capture as unacceptable.
Wow. How much stupid are the people who are supposed to lead our world?
First of all, I do think that the Iranian folks have all reasons to be angry, because of the illegal intrusion of British soldiers on their national waters. This is a breach of national sovereignty.
Secondly, even if it is never an enviable position for anybody to be someone else s hostage, I do consider that Faye and her fellows seemed to be treated in a fair way and respectfully. They had plenty of food to eat and despite the pressure anybody would feel in such an insecure situation, they all seemed to do rather well, given the circumstances.
Nobody seems to care when Iraqi prisoners get raped, mistreated, or murdered. Nobody gives a shit when American soldiers drop a Holy Quran in the toilets in order to humiliate the prisoners. Nobody feels concerned by the many Iraqi civilians loosing their lives.
Third, Faye has chosen to be a soldier. She is far away from her kid by her own choice. No need to waste tears about the consequences of her professional choice!
Now let s talk a little bit about the veil: why all the fuss about Faye wearing that veil?
If I went to a country such as Iran as a European woman, knowing that the practice and approach of the official religion is more fundamentalist here, I would wear one too, in order not to offend people s customs. People usually give you what they get from you. If you show respect, you get respect in return.
I don t really see where the big deal is. An attentive observer would take note that the young woman had half of her hair visible anyway.
The British government s arrogance against Iranian people is quite obvious. I keep asking myself why Blair is so hard in apologizing when he perfectly knows his country is in the wrong.
A sincere apology would have helped to get the prisoners released rapidly. Now they risk to get judged and to land up in jail. No need to complain about a diplomatic incident you created, Mr Blair.
At least, the 15 hostages apology for entering the Iranian water might allow a change in their dramatic situation and set them free, according to the latest news from Tehran.
I sincerely wished Bush and Blair realized that Iranians and Iraqis are free to auto determine their folks destiny.
I wish some people of good will stopped the Iraqi war too and sent all the foreign troops where they belong: home.
Maybe then we could have a better peace of mind and fear terrorist attacks less.
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6 thoughts on “Tell me why all the fuss about Faye Turner…”

  1. I particular like your emphasis on the insensitivity of US and US towards the rest of the world, while expecting more from others – Iran.
    “Nobody seems to care when Iraqi prisoners get raped, “mistreated, or murdered. Nobody gives a shit when American soldiers drop a Holy Quran in the toilets in order to humiliate the prisoners. Nobody feels concerned by the many Iraqi civilians loosing their lives.”

  2. yes, that’s the way i feel…everybody talks about American and Bristish victims on the front, for instance, but who will mention the many Iraqi civilian victims?
    I do consider that the Iraqi people have the right to autodetermine the future of their country and to leave in peace over there…as much as I like American folks, I think that they are lead by a monster, Bush, who starts trouble in the world without thinking of the consequences.
    How many (very young) American soldiers have died for nothing, for a worthless war Bush started over suspicions of chemical weapons in Iraq that only existed in his mad brain!
    The war Bush ignited is motivated by his will of hegemony, for some very obvious commercial reasons: more oil!
    People should open their eyes and stop supporting Mr Bush and Blair!

  3. I also think that Islam is demonized for nothing…people are manipulated in order to think that Islam, veiled women, and Muslims in general are the big bad wolf and directly linked to terrorism…that’s a big lie!
    The fews fanatics and terrorists are not representative of the Islamic world as a whole. Islam is a religion of love and peace, like many other religions…the lack of knowledge of Islam makes ppl jump to stupid conclusions…some ppl need to be reeducated towards tolerance in this way…

  4. Hi,
    Very good and honest article,
    You must come to iran by yourself to find out many many other big lies about iran and iranian people that you see in western and eastern medias.
    Iranian people are very warm and nice and love foreigners from other countrys specialy western europe and US.
    Come visit iran.

  5. Thanks, Mehdi…i know that the media are spreading lots of lies about people from Iran…i totally believe you…maybe i will have an occasion to visit your country someday:)

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