Exclusive Jason Porter interview

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?
I’m a 15 year vet of the rap game. I grew up in Detroit where I started out dropping tapes in 92′. I’ve been all over the map since then, and currently rep and reside in Phoenix, AZ.
2.) What or who motivated you to become a rapper?
I wouldn’t be able to point out one person or one reason. I could go down a list of reasons I still do this, but at the end of the day it’s for the love of it.
3.) Making it in the music business is a lot of hard work. What’s the biggest challenge you had to face?
The Temptations. And the Four Tops. Wait a minute, what the fuck am I talking about? I meant temptations as in the drugs, women, and partying that fucks shit up. I don’t mind the work and grind that goes into it, but I’ve ended too many relationships on a sour note because of drug or other problems. I’d be a lot further ahead, had I stayed sober.
4.) Which artist, were you most pleased to work with and why?
Shit, I love having tracks with them all. Proof, Cappadonna, Wolfpac, Okwerdz, Big B, Intrinzik, McNastee, and the list goes on. Every cut with these cats is ill.
5.) What motivated you to collaborate with each other?
The tides.
6.) Which artist haven’t you collaborated with yet, that you envision to work with in a close future and why?
Not sure I could pick just one. I’d go with some old school cats that I grew up listening to, like Willie D or MC Eiht.
7.) Which accomplishment are you the most proud of?
My upcoming solo album “Welcome to Porterville”.
8.) As a rapper, is there one rapper you pattern yourself after or do you have your own style?
My style is completely my own. I have my own voice, own style of lyrics, own flow.
9.) What is your thoughts on the underground Hip Hop scene?
Theres a lot of ill emcees out there right now, it’s just being overshadowed by too many wack motherfuckers trying to rap. Back in the day you weren’t battling so many cats for the same spot like you are now.
10.) What is your thoughts on today’s mainstream Hip Hop artists and where do you see them taking Hip Hop, in the near future?
There is no Hip Hop in the mainstream now, its all poppy bullshit. Everyone knows it, everyone says it, but no one does anything about it. That’s why I still spit the brutal shit, it’ll never change for me.
11.) If you could thank one person, for helping get you where you are
today…Who would it be and why?
Myself. Period. Did I end that with a period?
12.) I found you have creative and powerful lyrical skills, your flow is remarkable and clearly undeniable to anyone who listens. Would you agree with that statement and why?
Yea, because I don’t sound like anyone else.
13.) I discovered “Put It Down”, on my space. In my opinion, “Put It Down” allows the listener to walk through the streets of Detroit. Where women are part of the game, and pleasure and pain go hand in hand. In your own words, what does the song represent to you?
It represents the seedy side of life. It’s a song for the lower class and our reality.
14.) Are you always so quick to generate idea’s or do you ever
I’m always pretty quick. It’s usually about an aspect of real life for me so it’s just there.
15.) Currently, do you have any projects in the works for 2007?
Yea, I have 4-5 projects coming this year. I have my new solo album titled “Welcome to Porterville” featuring Proof of D12, Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, Wolfpac, Okwerdz, Intrinzik, and more to be announced soon coming in mid ’07.
I have the Intrinzik and Jason Porter group album “Lifestyles of the Rich and Homeless” featuring Big B, Lo Key, McNastee, Big Slack, KGP, and Bloodshot coming around May ’07. All pre-orders for that will receive another project I have coming titled “The Jason Porter Mixtape Vol. 1” free.
I also have a currently untitled compilation album in the works that will feature a ton of ill and well known underground emcees coming in late ’07.
16.) Where do you see yourself in five years?
At a summer camp killing teenagers.
17.) If I had to describe myself, I would say… I’m a leader not a
follower. How would you best describe yourself?
I’m an oddity more than I am a rapper.
18.) How much time daily, do you spend in the studio and what does an
average day consist of ?
I usually spend most of my day working on production, either for my own projects, or work I’ve been hired to do. I also spend time working on vocals for upcoming projects or guest spots.
19.) In the beginning, as a journalist it was hard to have my talents
recognized. Have you ever experienced that and how?
Yea of course. Anyone in a business like journalism or music will come across that. People are assholes and will doubt you before they support you.
20.) If you could invite anyone to dinner tonight–dead or alive–who
would it be and why?
OJ Simpson and GG Allin. What could be better than having dinner with a guy that got away with murder, while an insane half naked old man yells and throws feces all over the room?
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