Detroit s Fat Killaz: phat emcees that made fat rhyme with sexy

If you haven t heard of Detroit s Fat Killaz, it is probably because you are not familiar enough with the Detroit underground scene. Let me introduce you to some of their tracks exposed on their my space account.
One of their most beautiful songs is the song entitled Tribute To Biggie. Based on dynamic instrumentals and sweet, soft female vocals gently reminding us of the hip hop legend, RIP Christopher Wallace, the song also points out Biggie s great lyrical skills and define tem as the great rapper of all times.
The organ notes in the background will suggest the perennity of great Notorious BIG s work. Through their influential and consistent work, their intense dedication to their art, their immense talents, some artists will never die. Their death just marks a turn in history, but those legends will remain generations source of inspiration. Nicely done, Fat Killaz, I enjoyed your song.
Born To Roll starts in a rough way. The Fat Killaz will to dominate the game is reinforced with their dark voices and the dark keyboard musical background. Lyrically, the song also enlightens the artist s talent. Natural Born Hustlas will invade your space with confidence.
Cuff Yo Bitch is a very rhythmic track in which the listener will enjoy the humorous note of the track. King Gordy s talent also beautifully comes to shine here.
I liked Big Girls Need Love less. Maybe too soft too my taste and too much R n B flavored.
Anyway, I highly recommend you to check out the Fat Killaz quattuor composed of Shim-E Bango, Marvwon, Fatt Father and the notorious King Gordy here.
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