Breaking vicious circles

This article will give you some insight-from a spiritual perspective-about real life situations some of us might have experienced or still experience.
Sometimes we find ourselves trapped into a situation in which there seems to be no escape. Whatever we do, no matter how hard we try, nothing seems to improve nor change our situation.
It looks like we reached a point that excludes any return to a better anterior situation and any chance to advance for the future.
We begin to mumble, hating our lives, blaming any person possible on our way, we actually do spend a lot of energy in trying to escape from our psychological inferno by any means without managing to get out of it.
We feel cursed, depressed, because each time we are trying to go forward, some new element seems to push us backwards.
We just entered the terrible world of vicious circles: once you enter it, there seems to be no way out.
In fact, a person who is aware of spiritual laws would probably know that even if the appearances are against us, nothing is really lost.
That’s also one good reason to tell the external world everything is all right even if our world seems to collapse- at least in appearance.
A person who entered a vicious circle is indeed trapped. But only in his/ her thoughts. The internal inferno makes this person feel locked up and the more he/ she will ruminate the same thoughts, his/ her circumstances are quite unlikely to change. Why? Because thoughts have a major influence on the circumstances of our lives.
Not only does positive thinking keep you in good health, it also prevents you from many disasters. I am not telling you to be naïve , blinded and to envision everything through pink glasses, that would be a rather sectarian and brainwashed view on life. There are situations, of course, that are independent of our will and that can cause us pain and grief.
The thing is, we need a spiritual approach on life issues. I mean: there is no problem that cannot be solved, even if you don t see the solution right now.
You feel trapped in a situation that seems to be outta control? All right.
Stop your lamentations. Stop thinking as if you were running into the same circle. Yes, refuse to do so.
This is the first step. Stop thinking in the same negative way. Refuse to do so, for your own sake!
Then keep quiet. Try to find out how and why you came to this tricky point. Don’t try to put the fault on other people: envision your mistakes and failures with realism and objectivity. The perfect conscience of how and why you did it wrong will help you to go forward.
Be humble and accept to learn from your mistakes. Then you will be able to see if you can change anything to your current situation.
Either you will find a solution (even a temporary solution) or you will realize you cannot change anything to your current situation.
If you cannot change the situation, don’t get mad or angry: rather accept what you cannot change.
Just visualize, day after day, what you really wish from your profound heart and believe it. Have faith.
If you are patient, you will soon see an unexpected change to your situation, because the way you envision things is also the salvation that helps you out of the trap that kept you from advancing.
Next time you feel mentally trapped through an unpleasant situation, bare in mind that there is always a way out, as long as you keep having faith.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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