Liars will reveal a lot about themselves to an accurate observer: don't let them trick you nor trap you!

Pinocchio might have been a clever wooden boy, the length of his nose always betrayed him.
Whoever pretends not to have lied in his life defines himself/ herself as a liar. Let’s be honest: each of us happened to lie in our lives, either in order to hide a secret or in order to protect oneself or a good friend. But I am not talking about little lies that might have occurred in our lives: I am talking about two specific categories of people whose lies can have consequences on our lives.
The compulsive liar is a person who can barely let a sentence out of his/ her mouth without spreading a lie. Those people are lost in their own imaginary world and need some medical help. Through his contradictory lies, he is quite easy to ambush.
There is another category of liar one should definitely heed if he wants to keep his world safe. This is the kind of person that approaches you with a mild mouth, sweet as honey, but with a hidden plan and intentions to damage your life or to use you for a precise purpose.
Always wearing a mask, this person might use tricks in order to seduce you or to impress you, like imaginary details about an over interesting imaginary life. The person who lies to you in order to impress you is indeed a person who feels very insecure about himself/ herself. In order to valuate himself/ herself in your eyes, he/ she will make his/ her boring life look as the palace of adventures. He/ she might also invent some other crusty details to raise your interest and to eventually make you fall into his trap.
The masked liar can be either a psycho who might endanger your life or one of those snakes, always ready to bite you when the mask will be dropped (because this will happen sooner or later, be sure of it).
In the world we live in, whether on the net or in real life, we need to use our sense of observation. People s words and behaviors sometimes reveal more about themselves than they actually think.
On a more personal level, I do consider somebody s lie as a breach of confidence. When a friendship is involved, it can be seen as a rupture of contract and signs the end of the so called friendship.
When I was a kid, my mom used to say in German to teach me about dishonest people:
Wer einmal lügt, dem glaubt man nicht und wenn er dennoch die Wahrheit spricht
Which literally means: who starts lying once, people will not believe him whenever he speaks out the truth…
This proverb is so full of truth. Once a person starts lying to you, you should really question that person s motivation towards you.
Several choices are left to you in your way of acting with the liar mentioned above, but there is no such pleasure to make a fool believe you are naïve enough to buy his/ her lies before you confront them with their own stupidity.
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