MC Ren, the voice of the streets of Compton

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MC Ren aka Lorenzo Jerald Patterson was born in Compton on June the 14th, 1969.
MC Ren became part of the notorious NWA group after leaving high school. He was integrated into the group after NWA had released its first CD, NWA And The Posse.
Carrying the infamous nickname of The Villain, MC Ren is known for his qualities as a lyricist. Along with Ice Cube, the talented rapper wrote most of NWA s lyrics. The overwhelming success of Straight Outta Compton propelled NWA to the top. Controversy and acclaim followed.
After a dispute with Ice Cube that lead to the emcee’s departure from the group, Mc Ren became the main lyricist for NWA.
In 1992, MC Ren released his first solo album, Kizz My Black Azz. The same year, the skilled emcee converted to Islam.
The album went platinum and was followed by a second album, Shock Of The Hour in 1993.
MC Ren faced a terrible drama when his friend and collaborator DJ Train died in a house fire, before the release of his third album, The Villain In Black.
In 1998, Mc Ren released another album, Ruthless For Life.
He then left Ruthless Records.
Mc Ren is featured on Dr Dre 2001 album. He also appears on Public Enemy’s recent Rebirth Of A Nation album and on numerous other artists album as well.
Mc Ren has a solid reputation for leaving a murderous lyrical carnage when he spits his rhymes:
“I’m putting my energy into bustin’ rhymes. I’m a lyricist and that’s what I want to be recognized for. I’m not about flossin’ and tryin’ to be harder than I am. I respect rap and I respect artists who sell records based on how tight their skills are, not on how much hype they make up or how many girls, cars and homes they get for props in their videos. Bustin’ rhymes is why fools got into rap in the first place and that’s why I’m here.
(Mc Ren)
He is respected by many emcees in the game. Nas refers to him in his recent Hip Hop Is Dead album  So who is on your top 10, is it MC Shan or Mc Ren? 
Contributing to dropping the N-bomb onto the world with his NWA partners in crime, MC Ren is one of those living legends who put Compton on the map.
MC Ren and his NWA fellows contributed to help black folks change their vision of things and to gain confidence.
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