James Brown/ Funky Goodtime CD review

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This CD is a live concert recording of James Brown’s concert in Atlanta back in 1984. Hopefully I will manage to touch my readers heart through this review, and make them feel what James Brown s music represents to me. Be ready for an emotional and intense read!
James Brown wasn’t your average artist. He was a musician who played 3 instruments( guitar, piano and drums). Amazing and skilled artist with a warm and emotional voice, he was a man who had heart. Musical genius, he truly is the Godfather of soul music. James Brown was full of life, that s why one could speak of him as Mr Dynamite. Not only did he have all those qualities, but he managed to transmit his energy and optimism to thousands of people.
James Brown’s music has always been a wonderful ray of sunshine in my life and for that, I could never thank him enough. I love you, Mr Brown. May God bless your soul.

Sit back and relax. Time to listen to the legendary It s A Man s, Man s, Man s World. Trumpets welcome you for the James Brown s appreciation of women. Soft funky keyboard sounds soften the song that describes a rough man s world made of technical inventions. With his warm, profound voice, James Brown manages to create the antagonism between a man and a woman s world. Sometimes harsh sounding and introducing you into a man s routine, made of money and cars, his voice suddenly softens, becomes intense and full of internal emotions that transcript a man s feelings for women. This song is probably one of the most beautiful ode to us women that has been written, ever.
I love the I feel so good I wanna screeeaaam, because it comes from Mr Brown s profound heart. This passion is so communicative that it will make you scream. For real.
Super Bad will enhance your day and give you your dose of dynamism needed. No need to take vitamins when you have a James Brown song in your ears. Get on the good foot and dance along. Forget about your daily routine, let trumpets, keyboards and saxophone transport you into an explosive world!
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for a funky good time? Here we go. Electric guitars, rhythmic keyboard sounds, swinging drum beats, plus James Brown s warm vocals will actually take you higher and higher on emotions. Move your feet to the sound and carry that good funky spirit with you. Happiness guaranteed! Let saxophones weep in the background in perfect harmony with the singing guitars and the female vocals…you will feel good, because the music will make you feel allright.
Wonderful Try Me song: so emotional with its intense female vocals combined with James Brown s profound voice. As the instrumentals suggest it, this song is a chill out song for two (passionate) lovers.
Get On The Good Foot: that’s really the way we should look at life. Step up in the morning, get on the good foot and start a positive and dynamic journey. All instruments work together in harmony with the artist, create and re-create that wonderful sensation of being reborn.
Papa s Got A Brand New Bag is so full of energy that you would barely sit on your chair while listening to the song. Electric guitars, drums and vocals will enhance James Brown s explosive atmosphere.
I Feel Good is and will remain an eternal jewel. Positive lyrics, an astute and dynamic use of trumpets, keyboards and drums will transport you into an universe of positive emotions pouring from the heart and red roses of intense feelings thrown on you.
This CD is definitely worth your listen.
Thank you Mr Brown. Gone but never forgotten.
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  1. So after lurking for yup, 14 weeks (!), I’ve fiallny decided to play.I have linked up. Now it is my bedtime, but I’ll be around checking out the others in the next couple of days already caught a few, and they are as always a joy. -C (aka Just Me)

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