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Let me start by saying this was an interview of a lifetime, as a journalist and on a personal level. If this was my last interview, I would be totally satisfied. Sullee was above and beyond anything, I could have ever expected. I only hope, I am given another chance to interview him again, in his career! Recently, VH1 and Ego Trip released a new reality series “The (White) Rapper Show.” Although there were many mixed feelings about the show, because the title implies race issues. However, their mission is to discover the next great white rapper. From the first show, Serch and Prince Paul narrowed it down to the top 10 rappers that would compete. Ten rappers from all different backgrounds, compete for the grand prize of $100,000. Week after week, Serch and Prince Paul narrows it down to the best, of the best. All ten were good, but one was exceptional. A talented 22-year-old emcee, hailing from Boston–Sullee! From the start of the show, Sullee came prepared to show the world what he is made of. Sullee is an incredibally gifted writer. He is able to paint pictures of his childhood, with his lyrics. He has creative and powerful lyrical skills, his flow is remarkable and clearly undeniable to anyone who listens. For being so young, only 22, he has more talent, than most who have spent a lifetime in the business. I can only hope you enjoy his interview as much as I did! ~Donna Kshir
1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?
I am 22 my name is Bobby Sullivan… I am from the South end of Boston then moved to Medford then Hingham all in MA…. I like cartoons (haha)… metal, hip hop, and R & B is what I listen to..
2.) What or who motivated you to become a rapper?
When I was young I always wanted to be in music, but hip hop always was callin’ my name… but my cousin told me when I was young that he thought I could do it and I always looked up to him he was a big hip hop influence in my life…
3.) Making it in the music business is a lot of hard work. What’s the biggest challenge you had to face?
I think being in the music business is hard enough.. the biggest challenge is probably just hearing everyone tell you, you will not make it and having to just go ahead anyway…
4.) Which artist, were you most pleased to work with and why? Joe Budden because he is one of my favorite artists…
5.) What motivated you to collaborate with each other?
We met through a mutual friend.
6.) Which artist haven’t you collaborated with yet, that you envision to work with in a close future and why? I would love to work with DMX, he is one of my favorite of all time..
7.) Which accomplishment are you the most proud of?
I am proud to have had a song on national radio and being able to stand out on The (White) Rapper Show…
8.) As a rapper, is there one rapper you pattern yourself after or do you have your own style?
I would say I have my own style, but you can definitely hear Joe Budden, DMX, Em, and lately a little Papoose (haha) he’s nice right now…
9.) What is your thoughts on the underground Hip Hop scene? It depends who it is.. I’m a huge Reef the lost cause fan, but for the most part I just need to hear the music… I dont care whether its underground or not.
10.) What is your thoughts on today’s mainstream Hip Hop artists and where do you see them taking Hip Hop, in the near future? I dont see todays artists for the most part bringing hip hop anywhere… I see it getting more and more dumbed down and honestly its loosing a lot of its ferocity… I love like 95 grimey Wu Tang sh*t… (hahahaha)
11.) If you could thank one person, for helping get you where you are today…Who would it be and why?
My father … he is the only one who ALWAYS believed in me!
12.) What motivated you to take part in the White Rapper Show?
I was told about it and I decided that it would be a great platform to show my skills.
13.) What is one valuable asset you walked away with, from The (White) Rapper Show? My Integrity, most definitely!
14.) After your experience, would you encourage others to take part in the second season of the White Rapper Show and why? Yea, but I would also tell them don’t let them play you because there is no coming back from that… look at John Brown, he is the Ghetto Revival kid that got a dildo in his face.. he can’t ever get away from that…
15.) I found you have creative and powerful lyrical skills, your flow is remarkable and clearly undeniable to anyone who listens. Would you agree with that statement and why? I would have to agree with that because if I dont believe in myself who’s gonna believe in me,(hahahaha) but thank you.
16.) Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully selling records and touring… I love doing shows.
17.) If I had to describe myself, I would say. I’m a leader not a follower. How would you best describe yourself?
I’m the flyest whiteboy ever!!!! (hahaha)
18.) How much time daily, do you spend in the studio and what does an average day consist of… and do you have any projects in the works for 2007?
An average day for me is a whole bunch of myspace talking back and forth with fans then working out and then going to the studio or just writing by myself… I have a few projects coming out… 2 mixtapes (American Psyco, The Frustration of Middle America) and my album should be out soon too.
19.) In the beginning, as a journalist it was hard to have my talents recognized. Have you ever experienced that and how?
Always… people always want you to prove yourself and its funny because now I just tell them if they wanna hear me spit watch the show. (hahaha)
20.) If you could invite anyone to dinner tonight–dead or alive–who would it be and why?
If I could invite anyone to dinner it would have to be Steven Colbert, he is my dude. (hahaha)
For more information on Sullee, visit his my space account.
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