Canadian rapper The Light illuminates your night

He puts his breath and passion into his rhyming art and his bright nickname will make you want to know more about the emcee from Ottawa, Canada.
The Light s raps will illuminate your space and transport you into a universe where genuine love for hip hop really matters.
Piston is a song that reflects a lot of enthusiasm. Based on light violins sounds and swinging drum beats, the song reveals an incredible and explosive lyricist. Have a look at what The Light can do:
« Watch it go back and forth like a piston/
Rhythm hitting the drum ripping the time is now to listen I’m spitting/
Tipping the scale shifting the world with a vision/
The decision’s set, impact rap collision/
BOOM! Explosive lyricist/
Augment the flow so it never diminishes/
My intent manifest leaving a dent/
My life in music has always been time well spent/
The precision when I hit the music sets us apart/
The art of the gift, The Light is bringing you from the dark/
Woes of foes increase as I spit the flows/
Sure don’t like nobody better than them that’s for sure/
Hating on me cause my aura’s brighter than theirs/
Asking for my raps like I’m gonna give ‘em my spares/
Fuck ‘em, focus my motives to keep the flow explosive
Corrosive when I spit acidic it closes in on you it encroaches/
Implosive is the thoughts in the mind when I spit its supported/
I keep my calm by being focused on my chosen lotus/ … »
Guitar sounds introduce Road Traveled. The Light’s song reveals the charms of a good narrator. You will get caught in the middle of his emotional story that enlightens a soul that is dedicated to the music.
I enjoyed the tender poetic ballad of a visionary lyricist.
Check The Light here.
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