Be careful with the way you use words, they actually mean something!

I am sometimes shocked by the way people use words and adjectives, without even thinking about their actual meaning.
In the Hebrew language, word, davar, actually means object, thing and refers to a creation.
Each of the words you pronounce is like a creation in itself. Have you ever envisioned it this way?
This is also a good reason why we should often watch our mouth and try to avoid saying too many negative things. Negative words have negative effects on our mind and actually induce negative effects in our every day life.
When your mind is enlightened with positive thoughts and we speak out positively, we will be able to harvest the positive effects of our words very soon. It actually works!
However, I am totally against multiple misuses of good and powerful words such as brilliant. To set up an example, I will let you know what I recently heard on TV: a young lesbian girl was talking about her sexuality, stating that being lesbian was brilliant! Excuse me? We are talking about sexual orientation, that’s your choice and I am unable to see anything  brilliant in it . If I expressed on the same TV channel tomorrow and said that I was straight or bisexual and defined it as  brilliant , I would find myself stupid. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bi or straight has nothing to do with brilliant. It has to do with your sexual orientation, that’s it.
The same rule goes for words such as wicked that are overused, mainly by young people to notify something great. Yes, I know…wicked originally means bad, vicious, soul destroying, yet it is used to design something cool and fabulous.
My point is: when you want to say something, be sure of the words you actually use.
Words are more powerful than you think: they can create, heal, destroy, symbolize, generate disorder or harmony. Next time you are ready to talk, make sure you use the right ones for the right situation!
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