Currently rumored: the release of an upcoming Eminem album…

I have read on several places that Eminem would release a final album entitled Standing Ovation in 2007-2008…since I don t have any reliable source for that info, I will keep it as a rumour.
If I find out any new info on the same subject, I will keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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    Standing Ovation (album)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Studio album by Eminem
    Released Late 2007
    Recorded TBA
    Genre Hip hop
    Length TBA
    Label Aftermath/Shady/Interscope
    Producer(s) TBA
    Eminem chronology
    Curtain Call: The Hits
    (2005) Standing Ovation
    Standing Ovation is an upcoming album from rapper Eminem.
    The release date, guests, messages, production, and track titles are not yet available, but the album is set to release under late 2007.
    Retrieved from “”

  2. The link has been marked for deletion, that s why I didn t want to put it on my Eminem blog…i am waiting for a reliable link…

  3. yah eminem is the best im 1 of his biggest fans but he just doesint try anny more in his lates songs : smack that “you dont know” and “touchdown” encore’s rhymes were pretty good but just NOT eminem style he was so agressive mean and funny but he remains the best i say this is his last album but not his last song but if its rlly his last album (EMINEM MAKE IT WORTH OUR WHIL) he better make it great and accualy try again 2 show us he still has it hope its not a f***ken rumor

  4. Listen everyone who hasnt heard the latest news. As 50 Cent Says they will be releasing the “3 headed Monster” as he calls it.50 Cents “Before I Self Destruct”,Eminems “Relapse” in the First Quarter of 2009,and Dr.Dre’s “Detox” a little after Eminems.You can hear the first single of 50 Cents Album and the Freestyle Promoting The “Relapse” Cd by Eminem.It is not Mental Release, its not standing Ovation, and not the much heard King Mathers,its not aftermath 2007,its not NO GRAY AREA.It is Relapse Okay and to any doubts of him not going to try i have heard the Relapse Freestyle and the song on Trick Tricks Album.Em is Bringin the Heat again.So Lil Wayne Better Be Scared.And Look out for the next issue of VIBE Magazine with Obama on the cover it declares Eminem The Greatest Rapper Alive and on youtube Lil wayne Says He wants to collaborate with eminem. So thats all the info on Shady Records.

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