Mech The Infinite 1, an emcee who communicates his passion for hip hop

He is dynamic and enthusiastic in his way of expressing. Mech The Infinite will certainly make his listeners feel the passion and the dedication to his music.
Built on rhythmic violin sounds and drum beats, the Thunda song will pour down like heavy drops of rain. Proudly representing the D, Mech s confident attitude and incredibly good flow delivery will overflood the listener like a Tsunami disaster. You gotta like that song!
Soft piano sounds introduce Day 2 Day. Rapid drum beats and soft female vocals totally contrats with the artist s offensive attitude. Merch describes realistic situations he is facing day after day.
Feel So Good has some funky accents. The soft song is a beautiful ode to a woman. Enjoy the sweet dedication to the lady of his dreams.
Now You Know is based on ElpaDrino s Disrespect Me Theme and targets internet thugs who are running their dirty mouths. Real thugs don t run their mouths, they are running the streets. The song is all about being real. Rhythmic, based on various instrumentals, the song is highly enjoyable.
Chech Mech The Infinite 1 here.
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  1. It is a very different sound, an independent and dynamic type of music that will keep your head bobbing. I love it!

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