Our governments are responsible for most of society s failures

Tony Blair s recent statements about gang crimes made me think a lot. All politicians prompt to make a lot of empty statements regarding society s failures like crime, violence, drugs, poverty, pointing their finger at the symptoms of our society s current illness rather than finding out the right cure.
Tony Blair, for instance, wants to empower the police without offering any viable solution for England s poorest places. Why complain about thugs and arm traffics in the hood without cutting the head of the main monster: I think that arm smugglers should face harder sentences than any gun user.
French Minister Sarkozy complains about little pieces of scum in our French ghettos. He wants to clean them up with a karcher, to quote him in his own shameful words.
Mr Sarkozy, you created those pieces of scum. The young human beings from our ghettos act the way the y act, because they feel rejected. Give them decent job and treat them equally you won t hear about them burning cars and vandalizing the hood again.
Does Mr Sarkozy know ghettos? Has he ever lived in such a place? The answer is no, you guessed it. Mr Sarkozy plays the victimized immigrant who had to face rejection when his father emigrated to France. Did he face any financial difficulties like ghetto people do? I doubt it: he is the son of a Hungarian aristocrat!
If you ever get elected in May 2007, Mr Dictator aka Nicolas Sarkozy, France will have lost his privileges of liberty, equality and fraternity for a good while.
Bush, one of the world s scariest dictator (yes, you heard it well) describes Al Quaida as our contemporary Christian s world s enemies. He tries to brainwash American citizens with his foolish discourses. When Jadakiss stated Bush knocked down the towers in brilliant Immortal Technique s song, he perfectly knew what he was talking about. Bush accepted to commerce with Ben Laden first. He should take responsibilities for his foolish actions, for the world s sake.
In England and in America, an anti-Islamic trend is highly encouraged. Many Muslim believers are viewed as potential terrorists. Some of them have even been brutalized by the police in London for no reason. Not Islam is our enemy, but a total ignorance of Muslim beliefs and a lack of respect towards a community of believers.
Ice Cube intelligently pointed out in Why We Thugs that governments created the ghetto and drug traffic. I do think that poverty, arm and drug traffics do benefit most governments as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict benefits many parties in this world. I will never forget how much flabbergasted I was when I learnt that Izhaak Rabin (who is unjustifiedly hailed as a hero) was having dinners with Yassir Arafat!
The great of this world often want to get the biggest parts of the cake. They are trying to brainwash and blind average citizens in order to induce poverty, encourage drug traffics on a large scale and make their dirty hidden businesses.
Why punish drug users severely when you should attack big dealers? Why point an angry finger at the unemployed when you could give them decent jobs? Why make empty speeches about tackling gang crime when you could arrest gun smugglers first?
Why complain about rap music when you are the main responsible of what some emcees are talking about?
Have you ever considered that if the world is not turning right, the most powerful countries governments might have a huge part of responsibilities for it?
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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  1. It is always easier for the goverment to point fingers and blame others, rather than take responsibility themselves!

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