ElpaDrino interview

1.How did you get started as an emcee ?
When I was in middle school I used to read a lot of Poetry and enter these poetry contest reciting great authors poems, Until one Contest I decided to write my own poem titled “Listen To Me”, Thou I lost that contest i’ll never forget the reaction I got from the crowd for something original while everyone else recited other peoples poems, From that day on I wanted people to listen to me.
2. What motivated to become a rapper?
Growing up on Dwyer Rappin was the only thing cats in my hood did not do but they love to listen to Rap music, that’s when my poems converted into rap lyrics and i’ll spit for the people around me, they always love to hear me spit because they could relate.
3. Who are your biggest hip hop musical influences?
#1 Nas, Slim Shady, Pac , SMalls, DMX, Mountain Brothers, Run DMC, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim,
Twinnz, Dove Shack, BDP, Warren G
4. According to you, which elements give your music a genuine and original flavor?
The way I pattern my word play making sure I make since with everything I say keeping my listeners in tuned and able to paint and complete a perfect picture.
5. What is your current CD all about?
My current CD is Titled ” No Love For Nothing ” A lot of mixed emotions and anger asisted when creating this project, I kinda isolated myself while writing this album into some what of an equilibrium state, This album will reflect the lives of people who live with type of mantality, We all have been their so hopefully a lot of people will relate to it.
6. What are your thoughts about the current Detroit hip hop scene?
Its no love in the city everybody wanna do they own thing Its no artist to artist support Constant beef you know, But when real cats come together sometimes you’ll catch a good show, one people will pay to come see again, I know I show cased in some.
7 According to you, is it an advantage to come from Detroit?
Fa show its some legendary peoples come out the D and I would love to be recognized as just that.
8. What is your preference: old school or new school?
Old school Music all day everyday
9. Besides hip hop/ rap what kind of music are you listening to?
Smooth Jazz and Classical
10. How did you come up with the nickname ElpaDrino?
To be honest back in like 95 My nick name was The Griot, the story teller, during the middle of recording the Multiplicity Album With Kalivero, Mech, Efrane Supuvenda gave me the name cause we was on some mob shit.
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