Unstoppable: Malaki The Most Hi

Sleeper Cell Records artist Malaki The Most Hi has worked on some brand new, explosive tracks. Mitten Impossible is one of those songs that are loaded with verbal dynamite in which Malaki s flow is very much impressing. The beauty of the song is also the association of words that won t match together and will create a rainy shine effect. Malaki is set on an impossible mission and will make you feel the contradictions, the difficulties, and usual trouble of an emcee trying to climb the highest mountains of success.
A hard breath, an oriental instrumentals flavor, catchy drum beats, will increase the tension that comes out of the well handled song.
Nothing can stop the Unstoppable. Nothing can stop a man on his way to success. Well done, Malaki.
Bigges Losa has some raw blues accents. Malaki s voice is raw sounding. In this beautiful song, Malaki advocates the beauty of black music and culture and does away with the usual stereotypes against hip hop very easily.
Scratches sounds and drum beats introduce Sign Yaself. Organ notes will give the listener a feeling of euphoria while Malaki plays on his name s syllables with an incredible flow delivery.
Tha Grrl On Tha Couch is based on violin, guitar notes and rapid drum beats. The song is dedicated to the girl on the couch.
The song has some relaxing accents and is an homage to a girl who mattered in Malaki s life, bringing an oasis of relaxation into an artist s harsh life.
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