DJ Erupt's Hip Hop Compilation Volume I/ CD review

Global rating of the product:4.5 stars
DJ Erupt hasn t stolen his name. He manages to unite a fine choice vulcanic artists who will ignite the fire of a true passion for their music.
DJ Erupt s mixtape associates British and USA talents. It will allow you to discover a great range of various and talented artists.
The first track, My Space Promo, will expose different talents, including extraordinary skilled 6 Mile representing ElpaDrino.
Can t Leave Rap Alone features Detroit artist Quest M.C.OD.Y and DJ Mase. Based on a Jay Z sample, enhanced with some electric guitar sounds and some intense vocals, the song enlightens Quest M.C.O.D.Y s speedy flow delivery. Open your ears and be ready to catch some good sounds and the positive spirit of men who are determined to keep hip hop alive.
Let Shit Go is introduced by hammering piano sounds and dark basslines. Murdakkh and Lost expose a situation of stress and desperation in the ghetto. Drunk, high on drugs, guns in their hands, two buddies are experiencing a harsh situation of stress that is about to exploses. As the song goes on, the hammering piano sounds are superposed with symphonic violin sounds, strongly suggesting an increasing pain.
Boomin System leads you into a tunnel of dark sounds and bad boys strong discourse.The lyrics are repetitive on purpose. Gradually the loud sounds will increase the unsafe ambiance of the song. It is dark and the hell is hot, to quote DMX. I liked the bad ripping spirit of the song.
Just aka Justina s performance needs to be pointed out. She has the qualities that make a good female rapper: a good offensive spirit, a banging attitude, a sharp voice.
UK artist Sway will overflood your ears with some hot drops of lyrical rain. A stormy flow delivery, a good use of his intrumentals, the attitude of a winner will allow the incredible artist to conquer his audience in no time.
The author of Learn Chinese, Jin, appears on Doing What I Do in collaboration with Dina Rae. The song is rhythmic, well handled instrumentally. The lyrics didn t impress me, though. They could have been more researched.
Explosive skilled Detroit artist P-Live blesses the mic again in Get It. Lyrical slugs will make weak emcees drop dead. The swinging rhythm of the song combined with some good instrumentals and catchy beats is highly enjoyable. I loved the song.
Harmonic piano sounds, soft female vocals will totally contrast with Lil Dee s rough voice and the rapid drum beats that will follow. Lil Dee spits with confidence. Violins, drum beats and keyboard sounds will enhance his good flow delivery.
If you like it hot and spicy, this good compilation of emcees brought to you by DJ Erupt is exactly what you need!
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