What You Call That/ a burning Royce/ Termanology collaboration

Sorry to disappoint all of you who wanted to bury Royce da 5.9 since he was facing a jail sentence. Royce is back, stronger than ever, with a new partner in crime, determined to put fire on the scene.
The song is perfect for true hip hop heads. I promise you: you are going to like it!
Murderous, offensive, self confident, both rappers spit their hot lyrics. A trumpet and scratches sounds will point out both emcees determination to impress their public with their killer rhymes.
Cadenced, well worked on lyrically, rich of two confident emcees with a hustling mind, the song will probably conquer any hip hop loving soul.
Too much underrated on the Detroit underground scene, Royce Da 5.9 certainly deserves more recognition for years of hard work. He is that kind of emcee who never compromised his style in order to please people. Royce attaches a real importance to the quality of his lyrics. Check his brand new song and judge by yourself.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved