RIP Bugz was an amazing rhymer!

Having reviewed deceased D12 member Bugz These Streets EP, I can tell. Karnaill Pitts aka Bugz was an amazing wordsmith with an unbeatable flow delivery.
Unfortunately, his life had been cut short in 1999, at the tender age of 21. Bugz might have left us, but his music will remain for ever as a great testimony of his incredible talent.
A Bugz my space account currently pays tribute to Detroit s fallen soldier. Today it looks like fellows Proof and Bugz are blessing the mic from Heaven with the Act A Fool song, a beautiful DJ Butter, Proof and Bugz collaboration that makes the emcees shine.
Introduced by crazy scratches sounds, the song has the typical ol Detroit flavor. Bugz and Proof come up with a raw and inventive freestyle. The word competition fully enlightens both emcees lyrical skills. The track, that also features Bizarre and Kon Artis, is fully representative of the Detroit hip hop scene in the late 90 s. Hip hop lovers, don t sleep on that one!
Rydaz For Life is built on violin sounds combined with very rhythmic drum beats. The instrumentals suggest an army marching on. Let the Dirty Dozen teach you the art of war. Lyrically superb, based on rhythmic sounds and various instrumentals, the song soon leads you in a very overheated atmosphere that is enhanced with gunshot and bell sounds.
Detroit Detroit is truly a Detroit underground classic in which Bugz describes his hometown with an amazing sense of reality. The rhymes, the mic, the instrumentals, Bugz voice beautifully enhance the gifted emcee s skills. I highly recommed the song to all of you who never heard of it. It gives you an idea about what a skilled emcee can do.
No need to introduce Bugz 97. The song is featured on D12 World as a Bugz dedication.
If you are curious about RIP Bugz, you will find some more links, some additional info about his biography and his murder on the following my space account. Check it out!
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