Black Folk Inc interview

After a long-hard day in the studio, a very talented group of guys fromBlack Folk Inc., Walter Lee, B-Lo Brown and Jimmy Wayne, sit down to relax and talk with us one on one.
I feel, one of the most important traits for any Hip Hop artist to have is the ability to master their vocabulary and Walter Lee, B-Lo Brown and JimmyWayne do just that.
They are natural performers! They have the most creative and powerful lyrical skills, their flow is remarkable and clearly undeniable to anyone who listens!
I hope you will be able to appreciate their skills, as well as I did.
I was very impressed by Black Folk Inc., I can honestly say they are one ofthe best group of rappers I have ever heard!
Black Folk Inc. Interview:
Extraordinaire The Great AKA Walter Lee Younger
B-Lo The Failure AKA B-Lo Brown
and Introducing: Jimmy Wayne The Bandit
1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?
B-LO BROWN- Well I’m the dude they call B-Lo Brown, The name has no
true origin really. I’m the go-to guy in the group, I’m Mr.loudmouth, Mr. Do it all. I’m a hustler by nature, I got a gift that let’s me open my mouth and people listen you know?
WALTER LEE- Yeah I am Extraordinaire The Great AKAWalter Lee Younger and I’m about that music.I’m the quality control…..I’mthe assh*le of the group!! (all laugh)
JIMMY WAYNE- …yeah and I keeps it country!! (laughs)
2.) What or who motivated you to become a rapper?
WALTER LEE- You remember back in the days when the term “dope” became popular in hip-hop? Well I became addicted to this “dope” at an early age.
All the music I heard during the late 80’s coming up in elementary
really turned my life around.
B-LO BROWN- Actually when I was in elementary, rap had just started really getting out there. I fell in love instantly.The music kinda choice me Ididn’t choice it, unlike a lot of people out there today.
3.) Making it in the music business is a lot of hard work. What’s the biggest challenge you had to face?
B-LO BROWN- Coming out of a place not necessarily known for hip-hop andbeing taken seriously, That pisses me off.
4.) Which artist, were you most pleased to work with and why?
B-LO BROWN- I would have to say the Ying Yang Twins, We did a hurricane Katrina tour with them, An the krunk cats you hear on record, is them in real life. But, they are smart business men and it shows when you get to know them.
5.) What motivated you to collaborate with each other?
B-LO BROWN- We just grew up together really. I would never let Extro get on the mic, he was like my side kick. But then He started showing up in the basement (studio) and just started bogarding his way on songs. So It kinda just made sense to do this music together. Jimmy Wayne is my cousin and healways was like our number 1 fan,but dude be so krunk and he got his own flavor. We had to put him down, it was only right.
WALTER LEE: Yeah I was rapping, but I wanted to get in with what he wasalready doing. So I was a hype man and I started doing beats too and eventually it was done deal.
6.) Which artist haven’t you collaborated with yet, that you envision to work with in a close future and why?
B-LO BROWN- Hopefully if they get back together… A Tribe Called Quest. I think that would be tight. Best of both worlds.
WALTER LEE- Yeah our vibes are so different from what we do but what they did back in the day was an inspiration that kept us going. Outkast also comes to mind, but of course this is all just wishful thinking.(laughs)
7.) Which accomplishment are you the most proud of?
JIMMY WAYNE- I proud to be apart of this movement man. We are about to turn some heads.
B-LO BROWN- Our first album release… Natty Strong and This New Album “The Legend of Cootie Brown” is coming soon. All these other so called rappers better watch out.
WALTER LEE- This is one of them joints where I can see why they come up with terms like “it’s a labor of love”
8.) As a rapper, is there one rapper you pattern yourself after or do you have your own style?
B-LO BROWN -Own style, Man I don’t even look at videos or nothin”. I don’t want no comparison. I’m selfish with my music. Hell, I don’t even listen to the radio, I don’t want to sound trendy.
WALTER LEE- Its funny how nowadays it’s kind of accepted when you hearsomebody with anothers sound and style. Back in the days that wasn’t even cool and somewhere down the line you would be called on it.
Now career wise there are artists that I would want to pattern ourselves after. Those who have that longevity and were able to parlay it that into the avenues of business…now thats whats up!!
9.) Musically speaking, who was your biggest influence?
B-LO BROWN- Extro, dude crazy as hell but he got heart and definite drive and love for the music. His beats are untouchable.
WALTER LEE- Yeah I have to say B-Lo. I know that sounds crazy, us propping each other like that we vibe off of each other well. with ideas andconcepts. This was the first dude I knew who was really trying to make some noise with this music when we were coming up and I was with that!!
Thats the reason I am in this rap game to this day!
Back In the days your Rakim and Big Daddy Kanes, Your N.W.A. and PublicEnemy, Run DMC and Cool J’s.Your Geto Boys,UGK’s and 2 Live Crews.Then you Tribes andOutkasts,Pacs Big fan of Richard Pryor cause he was able to speak about anything and have no shame
10.) What is your thoughts on the underground Hip Hop scene?
WALTER LEE- I think that is where all the good stuff is coming from now in music.
B-LO BROWN- It’s cool I guess. Cat’s just need to know that this is not a game. It’s an art not to be abused to get seen or to get these females etc.
If you know who you are you can do all that without exploiting the art.Hell, I did. I had women when I had a VW rabbit….quit playin!
12.) What is your thoughts on today’s mainstream Hip Hop artists and where do you see them taking Hip Hop, in the near future?
WALTER LEE: Right now with only a few exceptions the rap game has no balance… no in betweens…either you are a”mainstream” artist or you are undergound.When I started enjoying hip-hop back in the days there was noformulas to it …people just made good music and you didn’t know what
toreally expect.That was the excitement about it. A lot of doe mainstream artist but there is a need for a few surprises to shake things up.
11.) If you could thank one person, for helping get you where you aretoday…Who would it be and why?
B-LO BROWN- Our old CEO. He let me realize that in this business you think you know people, then you find out they snakes. Just like him.
12.) I was very impressed with your music. Are you always so quick togenerate idea’s or do you ever struggle?
B-LO BROWN- Nah we don’t struggle at all., It comes from the heart so as long as we can talk, it’s easy. It’s just like having a conversation.
13.) I found you have creative and powerful lyrical skills, your flow is remarkable and clearly undeniable to anyone who listens. Would you agree with that statement and why?
WALTER LEE: Thank you. I think that we always try to challenge ourselves lyrically and style-wise to avoid becoming stagnant. And of course you are you own worst critic so we try to set our standards high. I have a line”I’m not trying to impress none of yall I’m trying to impress myself!!”
Soin the end I am not trying to let me or my partners down.
14.) Currently, do you have any projects in the works for 2007?
B-LO BROWN- Yeah The New album is my baby right now, dudes is gonna be mad cause I’m not holding back on this go around. Last time Mr. CEO wouldn’t let us get loose. But this time it’s on us.
15.) How much time daily, do you spend in the studio and what does anaverage day consist of ?
WALTER LEE: I literally go to sleep and and wake up in the studio!! I am always concocting music based on ideas I have or the group has presented me with.
16.) Tell me a bit about Black Folk Inc.?
JIMMY WAYNE: Black Folk Inc. is another way saying Black Folk are about their business.
WALTER LEE: Yeah that’s right and we wanted to be able to show diversity and range. Black Folk in general have been behind alot of the great popular music from rock to rap to R&B and jazz. We want to be able to show those interests in our music. We are incorporating all that into the mix. In the end what all those music forms have in common is that soul the artists have to put in to make that music.
17.) Where do you see yourself in five years?
JIMMY WAYNE: Still making good music, touring and making some major moves in the entertainment industry.
18.) In the beginning, as a journalist it was hard to have my talents
recognized. Have you ever experienced that and how?
WALTER LEE: It’s been a few times that I have produced jams for artists that were in the industry and didn’t get my proper credit or cheese for my tracks or input. Wasn’t their fault, but people I was dealing with on my end.
Money,greed, and power can change people that you ride with. But karma is motherf*cker….ask our old C.E.O.!! (group laughs)
19.) If I had to describe myself, I would say. I’m a leader not a
follower.How would you best describe yourself?
JIMMY WAYNE- … I keeps it country!! (all laugh)
B-LO BROWN- I’m an aggresive, creative, loveable, hateable soul.
WALTER LEE : I took this Human Relations test the other day a friend sent me in the email. I scored a 42 and it said I was”fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who’s constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind,considerate, and understanding; someone who’ll always cheer them up and
helpthem out”…..that sounds about right to me. (all laugh) *
20.) If you could invite anyone to dinner tonight–dead or alive–who
wouldit be and why?
WALTER LEE: It would have to be a big ass banquet with alot people that are no longer here that I would like to ask about how they accomplished what they did in their lifetimes. Off the bat James Brown , Richard Pryor, Scott La Rock, J.Dilla ,Dr. Charles Drew, Martin Luther King Jr, 2Pac, JimiHendrix, John Lennon, Biggie, JFK, Malcolm X. Jesus and My Grand Daddy
and that is only for starters…..
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