Underground artist Dr Jeckel from Colorado is back…

with two more songs…
Global rating of the product: 3.75 stars
The World
The World is based on electric guitar sounds, rhythmic drum beats. The track expresses an artist s fight to be understood by the world. Dr Jeckel s voice has some raspy accents. Not only is the song a strong appeal to catch the world s attention, it also points out the many issues of a troubled world.
What has Dr Jeckel to offer to the world? An attitude, some inventive lyrics, a good flow delivery. With his insightful remarks Dr Jeckel wants to be an eye opener and let the world know how he feels about our contemporary issues.
Who I Am
Xylophone introduce Dr Jeckel to the world. A cadenced rythm, a good flow and a man who is determined to unveil the mystery about who he actually is. Dr Jeckel shows some teeth and will gradually spit in an incisive and offensive way. Too many times, people jump to rapid conclusions about an individual. Dr Jeckel will show you who he really is. The streets are in his genes and he will teach you a lesson about hood life.
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