Music is like chemistry, it is all about finding out the right chemistry…

People who work in catering jobs will probably confirm it: a delicious and tasteful dish often depends on a proper mixing and choice of the ingredients.
The kind of ingredients we choose to make our dish, a subtle calculation of the amounts of food, the specific spices we add will determine color, taste, smell and the aspect of our dish.
With the same ingredients, two individuals can make either a crappy, disgusting plate or a subtle, aromatic and delicious dish. The cook s know how, his personality, his creativity will play a determinant role in composing an unforgettable plate of tasteful food that will make the customer come back and order it over and over again.
The same rules apply to the artistic world. Many people claim to be artists or musicians. Many of them have a swollen ego and pretend to be the bests on their local scene. Many of them pretend to have a unique style, but when you look at it closer, you will notice that they often bite other artists style.
In the very diverse world of rap music, so many emcees sound the same. There are armies of new Jay Z s, Eminem s, Westcoast imitators etc, all using overwritten themes in order to play it cool.
If you had no other choice than eating couscous during 30 days, wouldn t you like to eat something else as soon as the 30 days were over? I assume you would.
The selective listener wants to taste something unique, a music that talks to his 6th senses. Yes, the listener wants to eat a delightful and perfumed dish , which will allow him/ her to appreciate the subtle sound texture, a good beats quality, a flow that will run faster than light speed, creative lyrics and an innovative way of expression.
After a hard day of work, the listener wants to escape from his monotonous world. His always curious mind wants to explore new worlds of sensations and ignore time and space while enjoying the music to the fullest. Your music is his relaxation dream island, a unique moment during which you and him share this very specific communion between ear and sound.
Artists, don t forget that the listener is like a customer in a shop. New smells and new colors are more likely to catch his eyes and nose than the same old stuff he sees day after day, week after week.
Don t sound like everybody else: be unique, original, creative. Try to create that relationship with the listener that will make him recognize you at first sight because your voice is special, your style and the beats are a unique composition of yours.
Of course, it requires more intensive efforts, but it is really worth it in the end. You don t wanna be the next Jay Z, do you?
Go to the lab, put your colorful and spicy ingredients together and be the mad chemist that will enchant our ears for years. You can be that person if you really want to!
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved