Make It Rain/ Boo featuring Jazze Pha/ Song review

Rating of the product: 4 stars
When the weather forecast announces heavy rain showers, it usually puts a lot of people down. It looks like weather influences people s moods heavily. Never mind. You can either choose to be singing in the rain like Gene Kelly or be drowning in your sorrow while drops of rain pour down the soil.
Rain, however, is considered as a symbol of prosperity in many civilizations. The Hebrew word for rain is geshem, which includes God ‘s unnamable name Ha Shem, The Name.
While depressive people look at the rain as a negative element, one should envision that rain fertilizes our soil and allows plants and vegetables to grow.
Boo and Jazze Pha are determined to bring you some prosperous drops of rain in order to bring your thirsty mind some relief.
Good beats, an energetic hustling spirit, various keyboard sounds, Jazze Pha s optimistic spirit, a windy flow delivery from both sides will get the listener caught into a verbal thunderstorm.
I think that most of you will enjoy and appreciate the rainy song! Check it out here.
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