Gunz'N Butta, a soft-explosive DJ Butta-Wesley Valentine collaboration

Global rating of the product:3.75 stars
The Detroit underground scene is pretty much alive at the moment. New boiling projects are currently in the making. One of them, an exclusive Crazy Noise Records production, Gunz N Butta features two eminent artists from the Detroit scene, Barry Yett also known as DJ Butter and Wesley Valentine, who is truly an artist of exception.
Both talented men will certainly amaze their listeners.
Everywhere We Go is bringing some heat into the rough Detroit hood. Strong, dark and various instrumentals totally fit into the overheated context. Electric guitar notes, violins, flute and keyboard sounds suggest that the skilled artist are taking over in a total thuggish atmosphere.
The song is rhythmic, well written and totally spiced up. Hip Hop lovers should definitely love it.
Last Night is introduced by a few DJ Butter shouts out. Catchy drum beats are combined with a quite funky, relaxing atmosphere. Wesley Valentine has a nice flow delivery. Female vocals fully enhance the party atmosphere. The song is certainly your ideal club hit.
I didn t like the Promise Remix featuring Wesley Valentine and R Kelly. I am not really an R Kelly fan and the flooding of filthy details combined with the R’n’B style is not my cup of tea. I am not into such kind of songs.
Electric Guitars will reinforce We Are s rock flavor. Wesley Valentine shows some good verbal skills on the song. The row, Rock City atmosphere of the song is highly enjoyable as far I am concerned. Rock and rap mix up well on the track. Well done, Rock City boys!
Listen to the songs here.
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