Think before you choose your road

I think that choosing a precise road- I mean choosing your way, what you really wanna do in life- requires a little bit of self analysis and objectivity.
I have been laughing my ass off at people who- all of a sudden- claimed on their personal blogs: I wanna be a DJ, I wanna be a singer or a rapper, I wanna be a promoter, and the list goes on.
It is actually great to have a dream, to work hard towards it and to go to the end. However, to see them accomplished, one needs to set realistic goals.
Most people perfectly picture themselves in a precise role without making any efforts and without any previous knowledge of the role they are targeting. More strikingly, the same people seem to completely ignore that, if you want to become a singer, for instance, you definitely need to be gifted for singing which implies, of course, that you have a beautiful voice and some obvious artistic skills.
Each definite role-or call it profession- implies a previous gift. Without any inch of talent, your dream will lead you nowhere.
Considering artistic professions, many people are attracted by glamour and glory. But the same people forget about the years of sweat and sacrifice that precede , before success and glory will allow the artist to benefit from a red carpet treatment. Artists like Eminem had like 10 years of hard work experience and some obvious skills when they started emerging on the local Detroit underground scene. Yes, Eminem has indeed been rapping since he was 14, as the Bass Brothers will confirm it to those who ever doubted it.
To all of you who are really serious about working in the music industry, you must be able to face the very truth: the music industry is a very harsh industry that will require hours of harsh work, mostly in your spare time while earning your money from another job. It will require a total dedication from your side, and loads of sacrifices.
You will work a sweat for very little results in the beginning and you will have to be very strong minded if you are willing to achieve something in this field. You will have to mind the snakes and the rats who will be ready to trap you any day, any time. Some might use you and drop you like a hot potato when they won t need you any more. You will have to heed all those fakes and to use your cleverness to advance. Sometimes you will fall. You might experience times of discouragement too, because some of the efforts you invested in your work won t automatically pay off.
Nobody is really your friend in the music industry, unless you know that person on a very personal level and even then, you have to keep your eyes open.
So you really wanna work for the music industry?
Do you have talent? Be honest with yourself, also take your entourage s opinion, unless you have mad love for rotten tomatoes!
Are you ready to make tremendous sacrifices? Are you a determined person? Are you patient enough to wait until your work for the music industry really pays off?
If you answered yes to all of my questions, go for it. But remember that nothing in life comes easy and that most things require some precise skills and a 100% devoted spirit.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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