Spit Vishiss and Stir Crazy interview

These are my favorite type of interviews.
After a long-hard day in the studio, Detroit producer Stir Crazy and Detroit rapper Spit Vishiss, sit down to relax and talk with us one on one.
Both of the individual’s are very talented and both of them have bright futures ahead.
I hope you enjoy their interview, as much as we did.

Stir Crazy & Spit Vishiss Interview
1.) Do you feel you have an advantage being an artist/producer coming from Detroit, compared to others?
V- I dont think so. No.
SC- No.
2.) If you could thank one person, for helping get you where you are today…Who would it be and why?
V- We’ll its a miracle, So Thank You Jesus.
SC- My father…
3.) Tell me where you see Stir Crazy/Vishiss’ career going in the near future and why?
V- I can’t disclose to much information, but lets just say you’ll see
yourself very soon. It’s big!
SC- It’s going to be some crazyness.
4.) How much time daily, do you spend in the studio and what does an average day consist of?
V- I spend a lot of time smokin’ and playin’ Xbox 360. I rap in my
Sh*t, is that easy.
SC- A lot of work.
5.) Being so busy in the studio, you rarely get free time. Tell me what you did the last time, you two, had free time to just hang out?
V & SC- Same thing we do every night ……Try to take over the
6.) Do you ever struggle creating new idea’s?
V- Nope.
SC- No.
7.) Being a journalist, it is hard to have your talents reconized. Have either of you ever experienced that and how?
V- I will experience that untill I’m famous I guess, god willing.
SC- Everyday, too many haters.
8.) If you could meet anyone–famous or not–who would it be and why?
SC- Too many people.
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