Emcee Enot, representing the Bronx

Global rating of the artist: 4 stars
Enot is a Latino rapper from the Bronx, NYC. On his my space account, you will be able to appreciate some of his songs coming straight out his brand new album entitled, The Pastport.
Get This Money expresses the whole fight about getting the paper.
Built on violins and rhythmic drum beats, the song progressively leads you into an intense atmosphere that totally describes the harsh struggle of broke people who are determined to make some chips. No matter how poor, how broke, how desperate people might be, Enot shows them the way out of poverty: whether you re a hard worker or a hustler in the hood, there is an escape from the multiple problems a person might experience.
Enot has a warm and convincing voice. I loved the song.
Comimg to America has some soft vocals in the background that totally constrast with the introduction of a harsh atmosphere brought to you by Enot. Enot takes you back to the first days of his emigration to America.
If it is true that America represent the fulfillment of dreams in many people s mind, the first steps of an emigration in a new country are never easy. You always have to struggle if you want your place in the sun. Enot has a nice flow delivery on the song. The atmosphere that is suggested in the song is very intense and suggests hard working people in a totally “New” World.
Faster is built on very rhythmic beats. Symphony alike violins will introduce Enot s fast delivery. Enot s dialogue with a female partner is lusty and full of humor. It probably won t leave you indifferent.
Dominican Pride has a typical Latino flavor. The song is astutely built, mixing English and Spanish words.
Trumpets in the background and swinging drum beats have a spicy Mexican flavor. It is beautifully done.
Have a look at Enot s work!
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