Why having heart is one of the most important things…

A friend of mine, Jason, who also goes by the nickname Papa Graz (he is also known as a Detroit underground emcee) did a beautiful piece of work that was all about having heart.
In the cold contemporary society we live in, it is God s gift to differ from the great mass of people who usually show the greatest indifference in front of other people s sorrows.
It as become such a common thing to affect being someone you are not, whether on the net or in real life. People often prompt to make themselves look good, physically and morally, but the image they spread around them often doesn t represent the real them.
Our modern world makes many people choose the way of being superficial. Very few choose the golden path of being true to themselves and showing compassion to other people.
Girls and guys choose each others in function of their looks and despise personality and character.
Let me tell you something. What you call “love” is called lust. Real love is something else; it turns a less beautiful person into the most wonderful being on earth. Why? Simply because, the real beauty is reflected by the inside.
I remember having watched a tale as a kid, during which two ugly characters were disguised in order to seduce each other. The charm worked and they fell in love with each other. One day, they lost their disguises and appeared as the ugly persons both actually were. But the love didn t vanish. You know why? Because this was true love!
Whether you are an artist, a journalist, a writer or whoever else, you need to be heartfelt.
This is maybe the most important thing in life when you will achieve success.
Like the salt acting on meat , it will prevent you from becoming corrupt.
Big Ups to Jason for his heartfelt article!
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