One should treat each individual as if they were God’s son

One of most religious people s misconceptions is to think that giving the beggar or the poor old, used things that they don t need any more or that are totally out of use, are good actions.
This is how many Europeans get rid of their awful conscience problems and send their old, fashioned, maculated clothes to the poor in Africa. This is how many people will get rid of their rotten food and will give it to the beggar in the street. The same way, wealthy people will let their hand wander through their pockets and eventually capture an old 20 cent piece of money aimed at a freezing, homeless man in the cold streets without even exchanging a glance with him.
Then the same comfortable people will drive home, satisfied with their conscience, thinking they totally accomplished their so called religious or moral duties!
Little did you know if you think God approves such actions. Stop being religious and start being a true believer.
Next time you cross a poor person s road, try to envision that you have an important meeting with a prince, which is actually the case.
Stay humble. The person you have in front of you might not have the best appearance, but this person has the same value as you in God s eyes, which is something you should definitely bare in mind.
Treat this person the way you would like to be treated in his/her place. Do something that costs you: offer him/her your best garment, your best food or give this person a reasonable amount of money if you are in position to help him/her out.
God will give you your retribution in function of your actions towards others. In a society that is cold as ice, you can make a real difference by having heart.
The underprivileged of this world deserve as much consideration as the wealthy.
The way we come to earth and the way we leave it is the same for a President and for the most insignificant human being to our society s standards.
Isn t that a strong call to stay humble?
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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