2Pac/ One Nation album review

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Scratches, catchy drum beats, crazy instrumentals introduce Let’s Fight. Tupac appears like a walking nightmare, ready to oppress with his offensive lyrics and his unbeatable flow. Open your ears and let the master teach you about thug life.
Tattoo Tearz is built on soft guitar and violin sounds combined with an harmonic melody. Instrumentals are intelligently worked on and totally match with the unsafe atmosphere described by thug poet Tupac in the inimitable and genuine style of his. This song is truly a must hear.
Style biters are probably a rapper s worst nightmare. Pale imitators and untalented people are often attracted towards genuine talents with a true style. My Own Style is a rhythmic and lyrical Makavelli-branded song that features Greg Nice. Don t sleep on this one!
Secrets Of War will surprise the listener, because its slow start will gradually lead him into a highly euphoric atmosphere. Keyboard sounds and swinging drum beats create a re-creative chill out ambience that will refresh your ears. I loved the song.
Where Ever U R has a beautiful funky background. It beautifully enlightens Tupac s lyrical ability and his stormy flow delivery.
Big Daddy Kane s participation also makes the song highly enjoyable.
The Struggle Continues is based on very rhythmic drum beats that will remind many of you of typical African rhythms.
It explains black men s rage and survival strategy in the ghetto.
White persons with an open ear will understand the actual meaning of Black pain.
Brothaz At Arms is softly built on saxophone sounds. The streets are in a state of war. Follow black folks fight in a merciless ghetto world. The softness of the saxophone contrasts with the harshness of the descriptions.
World Wide Dime Piece disappointed me a little bit. The vocals rather create an impression of disorder and the filthy details were, as far as I am concerned, unnecessary. I guess there was a little bit of Snoop influence in it.
Military Minds will bring you back to war. Not my favorite, though. Again, I found the vocals a little bit disappointing.
Globally, the One Nation album is definitely worth a look. It fully enlightens Tupac s talent and spirit. My advice: cop the album and give it a deep listen. It will teach you a lot about the African American community’s sorrows and fights in America.
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