Bizarre/ I’m A Fuck Up/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
Bizzy might anger a lot of people through his unconventional ways. Bizarre is nevertheless a funny artist who manages to push laziness, compulsive drinker and abusive weed smoker habits to their paroxysm.
His lyrical content is exaggerated on purpose and the big tattooed belly, shower cap wearing artist draws the image of a lazy family man who fully angers his wife. Chilling on his sofa, smoking week in front of their daughter, drinking like crazy, Bizarre is definitely the bad example to follow.
I m the reason why my daughter got asthma/ I m a fuck up 
I m a fucking natural disaster…all I do is drink and smoke
Bought to you in a very humorous way, the song is based on soft instrumentals. Maracas will contrast with the mellow keyboard sounds and light drum beats. The surrealistic situation drawn by Bizarre , his crazy lyrics manage to create a comical effect.
Reminiscent of his science classes, Bizzy will narrate his first experiences with  grass .
I recommend you Bizarre s hilarious song. Of course, it requires a little bit maturity from the listeners. You must be able to make a difference between fiction and reality. Dads, be good to your kids. Don’t act like Bizarre unless you want make your family unhappy
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