Brittany Murphy thinks Eminem is “wonderful”

January 18, 2007
Brittany Murphy says her ex-lover Eminem is a “wonderful human being”.
The actress – who had a brief romance with the rapper after meeting him on set of 8 Mile – says, despite his hellraising reputation, the rapper is one of the sweetest people she has ever met.
She said: “I don’t like talking about him, because I respect his privacy, but I will say that he is a wonderful human being.”
Brittany – who also dated Ashton Kutcher before he married current wife Demi Moore – has also admitted there is a price to fame.
The 29-year-old star says one of the main dangers with being an actress is that you can attract obsessive and scary fans.
She said: “Good things happened when I became famous but I also got my first stalker. It’s not an experience I’d recommend. But these things can go with the job. And I love my job.”

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