Make the right choice: walk the walk while others talk the talk

If it is true that one should often be cautious in front of people who keep silent all the time, for the good reason that you will barely know what crosses that person s mind or what he/ she actually thinks of you, one should definitely heed the smooth talker.
People who talk too much usually act less. People who spend hours talking are also likely to spread your most intimate secrets and to badmouth you as well. Of course, it is sometimes very useful to voice our opinions, but one shouldn t dedicate his/ her whole time to talking.
There is a specific time for the talk. There is a determinant point during which we should act.
On a little humorous note, I d like to point out that the negative talkers are those who amuse me most. Those people prompt to judge, to criticize, to hate, to misquote, to demean, but take just one minute of your time, put them under your microscope and then realize that those people would be incapable of walking one mile in your shoes!
Then ignore the funny clowns who are so far under your radar for ever and let them nourish their anger while you are doing your thing with faith.
If you are serious about accomplishing your projects whatever they are, always choose to walk the walk while worthless losers will talk a useless talk.
Those who walk the walk might experience harsh struggles at specific times of their lives, they might walk through rain and storm, but they perfectly know that- at the end of the tunnel- a beautiful ray of sunshine is waiting for them. Not even afraid of failure, because failure is an important life teaching in itself, they use each event , each single happening as an invaluable experience and it actually makes them stronger.
Choose the path of the victory but walking the walk and let the grim and anger destroy the useless talkers. Your path might seem difficult, but it is golden. There is indeed a great retribution for the hard working and the passionate. Also remember that the passion in itself is worth the greatest retribution in the world, because it keeps you alive and makes you feel good.
Ready to make the right choice? It is all up to you.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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