When I Was Young/ Proof-Royce da5.9/ song review

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They say wisdom comes along with age and it is probably true. All of us have made mistakes in our younger years that we wouldn’t repeat when we enter adulthood. Grown men and women will look back at their former mistakes and analyze in which context they were made.
We shouldn’t be too much severe with ourselves regarding former mistakes. Each mistake is a valuable lesson on our life path-if we only accept to learn from it and to go forward. Sometimes, it also implies that we should forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, because only those who don’t learn from them are condemned to repeat the past indefinitely.
Built on a dark instrumental background made of keyboard and bass sounds, hammering piano notes, soft vocals, heartbeat alike drum beats, the song strongly suggests an overheated atmosphere.
With his typical raspy voice, Proof takes you back to the past, recalling memories of the streets, his collaborations with Royce, the beef that opposed both men and ,eventually, their reconciliation.
Proof’s flow is blowing like a harsh winter wind and rapidly gets the listener caught in a tornado of words. The tension is there, punctuating each rhyme. Royce goes on, introducing the listener into a harsh gun talk ambiance, reinforcing the roughness of the track.
When words are exchanged between two emcees in the hood, no diplomacy will prevail. Lyrics can get you killed easily.
Conflicts arise as each emcee wants to prove he runs the city.
Proof and Royce examine and analyze their past with an amazing honesty. Both men’s mind is clear about their past mistake. Time for reconciliation…and musical collaborations.
RIP Proof and Royce da 5.9 are giants on the Detroit underground scene. Detroit City has been very inspirational to both wordsmiths.
Open your ears and listen to Royce and Proof’s Detroit thug tales of their younger years.
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