Intrinzik: the last artist to collaborate with Proof

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Dead Or Alive is RIP Proof’s last song. It raises the dramatic question whether Proof felt threatened or foresaw his imminent death at the time he did the song with Intrinzik, on March the 27th, 2006.
A few days after Deshaun Holton passed away, the video to Dead Or Alive was circulating on you tube, showing two artists’ minds in ebullition, ready to spit their rhymes with passion.
Dark electric guitar sounds introduce Dead Or Alive, leading the listener into an unsafe background full of threats and dangers.
Intrinzik and Proof’s collaboration in the studio contains a strong message for the posterity: you can kill the artist, but the music will live on.
Proof’s music indeed lives on and his last song with skilled artist Intrinzik is a moving testimony of the realness of the Detroit legend.
People who have watched the video will be amazed at the skilled artist’s great lyrical skills and amazing freestyling qualities.
His simplicity, his realness, his talent and the love he had for his fans will be remembered for ever. RIP Big Proof, Mayor of Detroit.
Don’t forget to explore My Favorite Song, another Intrinzik- Proof collaboration. Too gritty voices, a good dose of humor, some dope ass beats, good instrumentals that invite you for a gig: all those elements will allow the listener to fully appreciate the crazy duo.
Definition Of Balling introduces into a softer atmosphere. Intrinzik’s voice totally fits with the smooth keyboard sounds. Feelings of fulfillment of an accomplished artist living a life of luxury as a reward of his hard work through the years, are decribed in Definition Of Balling.Intrinzik describes the good sides of the rap business and shows some good skills on the rhythmic track
While expressing his satisfaction, the song is also a strong call for artists to stay humble. Intrinzik doesn’t forget to mentione the underpriviledged of our world. Well done.
Everything Must End is built on soft female vocals, trumpet and keyboard sounds, Intrinzik’s raw voice reveals a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The song is full of humor despite the tragic situation described from a little boy’s point of view. The little kid doesn’t understand the repeated absences of his mom that seem to hide the presence of a boyfriend besides her husband.
The songs that are exposed on his my space account reveal a softer side of Intrinzik. In fact, the listeners who would like to explore the artist more in depth should have a look at the tracks on the CD Baby website. Intrinzik’s music is also rich of rock and metal influences. Electric guitars are an essential component in his art.
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