Stop praising pop icons as if they were role models while literally shitting on rap artists!

A specific type of press seems to idolize people such as Britney Spears.
It is quite shocking to come across articles in which Britney Spears is highly praised when the photos reveal her wardrobe malfunction, exposing the pop star walking without her bra while another pic zooms on her panty hose. She is shown as a party animal in company of her fellow brainless friend Paris Hilton, both smiling stupidly in order to make a bright impression in front of the camera.
If I walked out the same way Britney Spears does, people would be poking fun at me, calling me a slut or whatever animal names.
I don’t deny Britney Spears her beauty, I think that she is a very beautiful woman. But physical beauty is the only asset she’s got in her favor as far as I am concerned. Britney can’t sing. She has been selling the alluring power of her body for years. She has been lying to her fans numerous times. She has been faking a marriage. Her second marriage with appears to be a joke too. It will be concluded by a divorce.
On the other hand, while praising her, the press also reveals that the pop star seems to neglect both of her kids. Welfare people will be sent to her home in order to control her parenting skills.
Isn’t this a shame those people are shown to 10-12 year old girls as role models?
Each time I find an article that has to do with rappers, they are always shown in a negative light in the British Press. This angers me to the fullest.
Rappers never pretended to be role models. Of course, they use a hardcore language in their lyrics. They talk about subjects that imply parenting control when underage kids are listening to them.
However, it is so much ridiculous to show hip hop artists in a negative light while minimizing the impact of Kylie Minogue showing her butt checks in front of the camera or Britney Spears walking half nude out of her luxury car.
Rap artists have a message for their public, most of the time. Rappers are the voice of the hood. They can be viewed as political critics, social commentators and rebels with a cause.
Many sugarcoated pop artists sing about themes themselves don’t believe in. Kids who watch and copy them are more likely to copy the fakeness of their glitter world and to become superficial adults.
Beauty and appearance, even if they do matter to a certain extent, are not everything in life. A clever mind and the right attitude will bring you further with no single doubt.
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