I say what the fuck I wanna

Ok, this is my rant against people who keep criticizing me whatever subject I talk about.
First and foremost, I don t care in the least about what you bickering bitches say against me. But I think that I need to clarify a few points for your slow minds.
If I praise Eminem, you hate me for being a fan because you think you re a bigger fan than me. Fuck you. I am not into your stupid ass Stan competition. I don t care about being a bigger or less big fan. All I know is that I am a true Eminem fan and that I will keep supporting this artist, no matter what.
If I have some constructive critiscism to offer about Eminem songs, I like less, you come to me with sentences such as : I thought you were a fan! 
Fuck You. I am a fan, not a groupie. If I think that a specific Eminem song is less good, I will point it out. The same rule applies to any other artist I d review.
When I praise some underground artists, some of you dare to call me a  dickrider . Fuck You. If I praise an artist about a track or CD he made, it means that I found him good as a musician. Doesn t mean I am going to make it out backstage with him.
Some of you are obviously jealous of my good looks. Fuck you, bitches. You d better hate me because I have attitude and because I will never say anything to please anybody, but because I think it is right in my opinion.
Maybe all of you who keep running your dirty mouths and stealing my articles should seriously think about getting a life instead of spreading your stupid gossips.
I am what I am. I am proud to be who I am. If you don t like it, fuck you. I will remain true to myself, no matter what!
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  1. Isabelle,
    “You go girl!” I agree with what you are saying 100%!
    I’m sick and tired of hearing people talk shit about you…the problem is people (little girls) are jealous, because you are a “beautiful”, “smart” , and “talented woman”, who takes her job as a journalist serious and puts her whole heart in her work! It is called jealousy, nothing more!
    As far as the “groupie” thing…that’s bullshit, just because your a fan of his… you have to be fucking him, NO!… again, the problem is they are probably to ugly and are jealous that Em wouldn’t find them attractive, like you yourself Isabelle!
    Let them talk, who the hell really cares…you are true and genuine person with a lot of talent…use your talent and put it in there faces…when your goal pays off…you will be left standing tall and who will remember them!
    I got your back…Donna

  2. My Two Cents: Fan or Groupie
    Being a journalist is hard, because if you support or show an artist praise people and other fans immediately assume, you are backstage getting it on with him and list you as a “groupie.”
    I have a very good friend who has recently been criticizied and labeled as a groupie, because she supports and is a fan of Eminem.
    When she gives a review on a specific Eminem song, that she feels is less good. It is immediately brought to her attention and she is criticizied because she is suppose to be a fan. But when she reviews his work and shows praise she is immediately a groupie.
    I personally find this degrading. When
    doing a review the same rule applies as
    to any other artist, whether you are
    a fan or not. A fan is a fan, not a
    groupie. A journalist can be a fan and
    review an artist and either love or hate
    their work. It’s freedom of expression
    and choice, for anyone who doesn’t
    understand, that is the true meaning
    of being a journalist.

  3. WORD!
    There’s nothing more to be said …
    …. than just don’t give a fuck 😉
    Don’t let it get you down. U know you’ve some true fans, who appreciate your work. Fuck this stupid ass bitches.

  4. Okay, Okay Now where the Hell did all this come from? I appreciate that you are doing a difficult job here in that because you are writing articles on such an enigmatic figure as Eminem that you will come in for a hell of a lot of flack from silly girls and groupies who will be jealous of you for your writing skills and talents. Yes they will indeed critize you on one hand saying that they are a bigger fan than you and on the other hand that you cant be a real fan if you make a slight critisism of Eminem’s music yourself. It is and always has been obvious that you are a huge fan of the man himself but have also tried to be objective if the need called for it. I have always admired your blogging and journalist skills and have paid money to subscribe to blogs just to read your material as it has kept me totally up to date on the latest Eminem info.
    But i just cannot understand where this latest tirade has come from. You appear to be to me a journalist foremost. The role of journalism is to try to write as objectively as possible about the given subject so that you can represent an opinion to the readers. That opinion can obviously take many forms but should generally be as unbiased as possible. I have understood in the past your undivided loyalty to Eminem but have noticed that at times you have quite rightly gave him minor critisism if you thought his music wasnt as excellent as it should be. I am not here writing this to give you a bashing of any sort. But I am shocked at this article as it does not seem to be honest journalism in any form at all. I appreciate you may feel the need to stand up for yourself when others are critisising you. I am sure many, many other journalists probably feel that same need on quite a regular basis. I have had much admiration for yourself over the years that I have read your various form of journalism on the internet. BUT this!! All I can say is that if you are going to choose to write about yourself under the premise that you are actually sticking up for yourself in the face of huge pressures from other female fans you do not choose to blow your own trumpet in such a vulgar way. We all know that you are an extremely talented writer and journalist. We also know how committed to writing about hip hop and eminem you are. But to be so brazen as to include a whole article to how BEAUTIFUL you are!! That is not true journalism at all. True beauty comes from within and is quite a rare quality. The few truly beautiful people that are about nowadays, would never ever say that of themselves for one. They would never state it in a public way and in such a way that they are only looking for praise and for other people to agree with them. Real beauty is in the people that work tirelessly to help others who are in not as fortunate a position as themselves. Generally charity workers, carers of the disabled, nurses, doctors and crisis workers. If we are trying to speak about the beauty that we see on the models on the catwalk. well can we really say that any of them are indeed that beautiful? The word Beautiful brings to my mind something that is ethereal and other worldly almost. But real beauty never, ever tells itself that it is so. And that is why I am so shocked that you have written this article with so much venom in it. Such a hard attitude towards other fans and then turned round and pronounced that YOU are beautiful. Yes i understand that YOUR fans will slate me for writing this article. There is nothing wrong with you being tough when under pressure from bitchy girls. and I would like to state that I HAVE always admired you and your articles on Eminem. But not these types of articles where you feel the need to feed your own ego and then get your friends to leave comments telling you how wonderful you are.

  5. wow..that was quite a long read…and some constructive criticism…however, believe it or not, i didn t write this in order to obtain some flattery from people who support me, but because I think it is sometimes useful to tell your haters that you are not the fool they think you are…but thank you for your input, i appreciate both, your support and your criticism, that s being real and i like it that way:)

  6. You are always going to receive support and critcism , but i didn’t say what i did to flatter Isabelle, but to say it gets old hearing because she is an attractive girl who supports Eminem, she is immediately a groupie…i personally didn’t like the groupie thing…if she likes his work,ok…if not, ok…but why put her down because she supports Eminem…you can like someone without having sex with them…i think that was her point!

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