New Bizarre video review

A spicy Bizarre/ Kuniva/ King Gordy and Young Miles collaboration.
Since I am not really sure about the title of the video, I will only put one when I will have confirmation from DJ PDog who posted this link.
Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
First focusing on RIP Proof s picture, the video will zoom on Bizarre, Kuniva, King Gordy and Young Miles sitting side by side in the Detroit hood. The song is nicely started with rapid piano notes, numerous violins and rhythmic drum beats.
The four emcees who pay tribute to D12’s fallen soldier are determined to bring the D back in the video. The video has a definite gangsta flavor. It will allow you to discover specific Detroit places, like Runyon Ave. The king of horror, King Gordy and his accomplices in crime are determined to bring hell into the dark picture.
I enjoyed the Where You From? N****, I’m from Seven and you’ll be on the news at eleven line.
Watch our bad boys talk about all those forbidden things that make hood life: drugs, guns, beefs. Be ready to get hit by lyrical bullets that totally fit with the overheated atmosphere and the gun talks.
I loved this video. It is brilliant in my opinion and it should please true hip hop lovers.
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