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When being asked about rap legends, most people have Tupac or Biggie s names in their mouths. Eazy E, however, remains a little bit hidden in the dark. The great Eazy E nevertheless changed the face of rap music and influenced more than a decade, putting the city of Compton on the map.
Eazy E and his fellows from the NWA group brought that typical gangsta flavor into their reps, pointing out the police s discriminative and violent attitude against black folks. A new generation of black men with an attitude was born. If some people kept the stereotype of oppressed and enslaved black people, Eazy E and his fellows would do away with it drastically, showing that black folks were ready to fight back against any form of discrimination with no mercy.
Eazy E was a man of talent. He came up with a brand new style of his own. I have mad love for Eric Wright aka Eazy E. I like his typical voice and his intrepid attitude in front of the police.
You might object that I am white and ask yourself how I could relate to people such as Eazy E. Yes, I am a white woman- with a black cultural background. I have spent years with the African community, I am the mom of two handsome bi racial boys and, believe me, I have experienced racial discrimination of all kind and seen how the police acts with people who have  the wrong skin color .
Eazy E s music, more than ever, has a strong meaning. So let s get started with Eternal E. Open your ears and listen!
The CD starts with the well known Boys N The Hood remix that is truly a must hear.
Eazy will plunge you into his universe. Be ready for a total immersion into the Compton hood. Enjoy the lyrical skills of the tight emcee. Piano notes, xylophone, intense drum beats and scratches sounds will beautifully enhance the Boys N The Hood remix. It is followed by the very rhythmic and scratchy sounding 8 Ball Remix. I recommend both track to avid old school rap listeners.
Eazy masters his art to the fullest.
Eazy Duz It is built on beautiful funky basslines and dope ass beats provided by legendary Dr Dre. The song is offensive as hell and has some beautiful trumpet accents that will remind many listeners of James Brown s art. Eazy keeps it real and, of course, gangsta. The instrumentals are worked on to the perfection and one could barely stay indifferent in front of the great variety of rhythmic sounds that are intelligently mixed up in a very subtle manner.
Eazy duz it, for sure.
Eazy er Said Than Dunn will enlighten Eazy E s unbeatable rhymes. Eazy keeps it ruthless and swinging. Bitches and hoes will get smashed in no time. Take attention, Eazy is a mad rhymer.
Don t miss song Nr 10, Neighborhood Sniper, that starts with beef and dramatic gunshots. Built on rapid drum beats and trumpet sounds, the song is spiced up with some good reggae sounding lyrics. You recognize DJ Yella s specific touch. This track is one of my favorites on the CD. The rhythm is subtle and very well worked on. The dark, murderous picture contains some lighter shades of humor that fully come to shine in the Neighborhood Sniper video.
Real Motherfuckin G s is a Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg diss. Although I have mad respect for Dr Dre, I find that diss very well made. Compton underground legends BG Knocc Out and his older brother Dresta have participated to the killa track.
The song is an obvious protest against studio gangstas and an invitation to keep it real. Guitar sounds, a good dose of G Funk sounds, a pinch of subtle drum beats will allow you to appreciate Compton artists great talent.
The Eternal E Cd also contains some good old videos featuring Eazy E and his NWA fellows. We Want Eazy will allow you to see the young NWA members on stage. The well known Straight Outta Compton video is there too.
Don t miss 100 Miles And Running nor Neighborhood Sniper. Along with Eazy er Said Than Dunn and Only If You Want It, the CD also has an original less known video named Appetite For Destruction in which you will enjoy an astute thriller. Eazy and Dr Dre show some real acting skills there.
There are a few more videos to discover on the reedited version of the Eternal E CD. This excellent Cd is definitely a must in your hip hop library.
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