DJ Low Key/ Mixing In Action mixtape review

Global rating of the product: 4 stars
Welcome to DJ Low Key’s world for an hour of intense mixing in action that includes amazing artistic collaborations such as Nas, J Dilla and Baatin of Slum Village. Be prepared for some intense moments of pure hip hop. Scratches, various instrumentals, soft vocals are shacked together and combined with astute emceeing techniques. Words and vowels are diced like atoms during a nuclear scission.
The Intro enlightens two men’s passion for the art of hip hop. DJ Low Key and Median from Colorado put their art’s requirements to the highest standards.
Piano notes, swinging drum beats, trumpet sounds will suggest a constant
grinding atmosphere.
Nas’ Jacking For Beats 2006 actually enlightens the artists great freestyling qualities.
The competition is high and you will feel the battling atmosphere. Astute battling techniques and strategies totally match with the richness of the instrumentals.
The CD combines a hardcore dimension with a softer side. Night and Day are deeply rooted and embrace each other. The listener will probably enjoy tracks suck as Love and I Believe.
Mixing in Action is a burning fire. The CD reunites artists who strongly believe in their art.
Do you like real good hip hop, a hip hop that stays true to its roots? Then this CD is definitely for you. I strongly encourage you to check Mixing In Action Volume A and B, because this is how good hip hop should actually sound.
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  1. Thanks for the great review…Also, Mixing In Action #2, hosted by Tanya Morgan, is now available for free at…There‘s exclusive joints from Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Median, Free Speech & The BrekFast Club, Jermiside from the Red Giants, Sin, Mr Man from the Bush Babees and more…Enjoy…

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