Snoop Dogg/ Tha Blue Carpet Treatment CD review

Global rating of the product: 3. 5 stars
Snoop Dogg has disappointed me a lot lately, since he started collaborating with Pharell Williams in particular. His music had become an annoying, tasteless and sugarcoated mixture of R’n’B alike songs. However, it looks like the rap legend has put some more efforts into his most recent album. Not all of his songs nor collaborations have convinced me, but the album contains some strong and valuable tracks that keep it gangsta and appeal to more creativity.
Intrology takes the listener by surprise. Introduced by a dark instrumental background, featuring George Clinton, the prelude of the album will remind you of the old Snoop Dogg. Based on an enthusiastic rhythm, it describes a life of luxury and introduces the blue carpet treatment aimed at super stars.
Trumpets, keyboards, soft funky sounds draw a relaxing atmosphere while Snoop Dogg flows faster than the wind, contrasting with the funky/soul atmosphere of the song. Well done!
Crazy featuring Nate Dogg beautifully describes a California life style. Watered sounds are combined with soft female vocals. It is time to relax and to enjoy Snoop playing with the vowels. Sit back, relax and feel good: Snoop is taking you to a trip in a good West Coast style.
Vato is definitely worth your attention. It intelligently combines Snoop’s talent with Cypress Hill’s B Real genuine Latino style.
Follow the beginning of a beef and enjoy both rappers’ narrative skills in a chronic style. I recommend you the song and video to Vato.
Well…That’s That belongs to the songs I find superficial and horrible. Maybe it is also due to the fact that I never liked R Kelly. More strikingly, Party songs are not my cup of tea. No way.
Candy Dripping Like Water is quite disappointing too. It is not better than 50 Cent’s Candy Shop. The lyrics are poor and E 40, Mc Eiht, Goldie, Daz and Kurupt don’t help improving it. It sadly lacks imagination.
Get A Light featuring Damian Marley is not among my favorites either. I’m not really satisfied with the content nor with the use of the instrumentals that sound repetitive and boring as hell.
Gangbangin’ 101 is a Snoop/ The Game collaboration. Keyboard sounds, harpsichord notes and rhythmic claps will transport the listener into a Californian gangsta atmosphere.
Lax featuring Ice Cube has some police cars sirens in the background. The soft vocals strangely contrast with the sirens and will make you guess the dangerous and unsafe environment Cali actually is.
The song that I really enjoyed is Lil Crips. Built on somber bass sounds married with some banging lyrics, the song describes baby gangstas’ criminal activities. The song is rhythmic and well worked on.
Unsafe again is Round Here. Harpsichord notes combined with swinging beats totally describe the harsh environment of the LA hood. It ain’t safe to leave the house: you have been warned by a true OG.
Bitch I Knew has that beautiful G Funk flavor in the background. The song is luscious as hell. Sensitive souls better skip the song. Strong stomachs will probably enjoy the filthy song in which Snoop plays the role of a kinky pimp (you guessed it).
Globally, the albums offers some interesting musical perspectives from a man who totally made it in the rap game. In many songs, Snoop’s mastery of his art comes to shine. Unfortunately some other songs are much more disappointing and ways too commercial to me.
However, the listeners should give the album a chance, because of its highly positive assets mentioned above.
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  1. I liked Vato…I was shocked to hear R.Kelly with Snoop on That’s that…Damn, I thought R.Kelly was still locked in the closet…

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