Dogmatic/ 8 Mile Chronicles CD review

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Dogmatic is one of those Detroit underground emcees that inspire you respect from the beginning. Not as much known as his long term friend RIP D12’s Proof, Dogmatic has nevertheless the mastery of a veteran when it comes to hip hop skills.
If you have no idea about who Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic actually is, I’d recommend you to first listen to Promatic, a CD he did with Proof. Promatic is a hard worked on CD in which Proof and Dogmatic’s talents are complementary. From a range of hilarious to more serious topics, Promatic includes some interesting collaborations and Sick Notes produced tracks.
You want to know more about the REAL 8 Mile, the actual border that separates black and whites communities in Detroit? Let Dogmatic introduce you into his 8 Mile chronicles.
Soft instrumentals, soft female vocals will lead you into the famous place where segregation, killers on the block, darkness, desperation and the harshness of an emcee’s struggle are part of the story. So many hip hop soldiers catch slugs for nothing. The song has some nostalgic accents. No romance, the truth in its roughness gets fully exposed.
Hitzville 313 is one of those beautiful sick-noted and entertaining track enriched with some good instrumentals. Dance along, get your hands up, feel the festive and euphoric atmosphere brought to you by pot smoking Dogmatic. Let him drop them hits.
Like Dat Matic featuring Stat Quo has a beautiful gansgta flavor. Violins and keyboards enhance the street atmosphere.
Rapid guitar and violin notes, catchy beats will allow Dogmatic to speak from his heart. Dogmatic will describe you the hood with its killaz and its weapons. Dogmatic shoots his words at you literally, creating an electrifying ambience.
Killaz On The Block is a very cadenced gig based on melodic violin sounds.
Da Fever beautifully enlightens Dogmatic’s lyrical performance. The artist shows a real nice flow delivery on the song.
Inventive skills, rhythm, good flow various and well handled instrumentals are the ingredients that will allow you to taste Dogmatic’s recipe with delight.
Let Me Put You On The D: swinging beats, colorful keyboard sounds fully draw you the hustling atmopshere of the D. Life is a hustle, particularly when you originate from the D.
8 Mile Road is a nostalgic track that Dogmatic revamped and renamed « 8 Mile’s tribute to Proof » after his friend tragically died on April the 11th in 2006. I reviewed the moving song that takes his whole meaning as a tribute to 8 Mile’s fallen soldier.
Earlier in April 2005, Detroit lost another valuable soldier, Blade Icewood who was shot in his car. Dogmatic pays tribute in mixing a style of his own with a Streetlordz flavor.
Who could better represent a place like the murderous 8 Mile than Dogmatic?
Lyrical soldier, gifted emcee, Dogmatic draws you a realistic picture of the D.
This CD is worth your attention. True hip hop heads will definitely like it!
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