NME Wreckidz presents Partnerz In Crime (CD review)

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Big One’s Spanish flavor, its distorted scratches sounds and hammering piano notes will take you for a walk into the lyrical killers’ world. Enjoy the performance of an artist who makes music for the love of it. You probably guessed it: Sham is on the track with his invincible lyrics that totally match with the dark instrumental background.
Closed Casket is the follow up of song Nr 1. It is leaves no place for cowards in the game. Learn the art of war from lyrical soldier Troopa.
Think Fast combines piano and keyboard sounds with some beautiful guitar sounds. You are invited to use your brain if you want to be an astute player in the game.. Again, Sham shows some beautiful skills.
Gifted Boston underground emcee Mr Nash exposes wankstas in a total nudity. Fake Thugs get no love, that’s a matter of fact. The song is an invitation to keep it real. Soft piano sounds are interrupted by some strident siren sound. Take the instrumentals as a warning aimed at the posers in the hood. As the track goes on, distorted sounds follow the siren, strongly suggesting an unsafe atmosphere of danger.
Flow That welcomes you to hell. Hammering sounds, harpsichord sounds, scratches, slow beats fully draw you the picture of an upside down universe. Mad Pat likes it raw. So do I.
Grievance is a deep prayer from people who have been through a real rough time in the hood. Wolfgang Wize’s raspy voice puts the listener into the context of murder and death. Watch the daily nightmares that happen in the hood through the artist’s eyes.
Song Nr 9 will probably make the listener feel uncomfortable between the soft « Amore Amore » vocal in a typical Spanish style and Pedi Gang’s somber words that will turn his space into a bloody corrida in no time.
Partnerz in Crime is another beautiful occasion to appreciate Troopa’s talent and the clever use of the instrumentals.
Track Nr 12 is lead by Troopa as well. Soft piano sounds, catchy beats, astute lyrics, a good combination of scratches and rhythm makes Raize Da Roof highly enjoyable.
Globally, the Partnerz In Crime CD is rich of great artistic collaborations such as Sham, Mr Nash, Troopa, Mad Pat and many more. It also illuminates DJ Xplicit’s specific know how.
Partnerz In Crime won’t leave the listeners indifferent. Be so curious and taste some good Massachusetts rap.
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