Pedi Gang: a new NME Wreckidz CD

Global rating of the product: 4 stars
Bang Out is made of a mixture of harmonic piano sounds and rhythmic drum beats. Piano notes flood into your ear in a symphonic mode transporting you into a nostalgic and scary world in which confrontation with enemies is a daily duty.
Closed Casket starts in a very offensive atmosphere. Haters and snitches watch your mouth, because the Boston emcees come very hard at you, stabbing you lyrically and leaving you in a pool of blood. Piano, drums, keyboards underline the emcees’ bad intentions.
Sonata alike piano sounds combined with some rhythmic violin and keyboard sounds introduce the playful atmosphere of the Bucket song.
Lethal Weapons will allow the listener to appreciate underground emcee Sham’s talent. Sham’s lyrical performance is impressive, as always. The skilled rapper jungles with words with the dexterity of an acrobat. The violin-harpsichord instrumental background suggests a harsh struggling atmosphere. Pro Lung is also featured on the song.
Natural Born Hustla will take you by surprise, taking your ears to a rich and various musical background that fully fits into the Natural Born Hustla spirit.
Bang From Tha Block is a rhythmic track based on pan flute sounds that will give you a full description of the hood problematic.
Ask For City fully enlightens the artist’s nice flow delivery. Feel the passion, enjoy the inventive lyrics.
Without Love will draw you a picture of a love story in the real world. Violins, harpsichord sounds, rhythmic beats will make you feel the overheated ambiance of the track.
Globally, the NME produced CD is an interesting and creative piece of work in which many artists’ talent come to shine. It includes Sham, Pro Lung, X Conn and Bogart’s collaborations. The CD is enriched with the remixes of good songs such as Bang Out and Without Love.
Mr Dilligence did a great production work, as always.
Check out Pedi Bang, you won’t regret it.
Copyright2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved